Monday, May 13, 2013

Tea wallet- extra links **updated links**

I can't remember where I first heard about these things but I spent several hours the other day looking through all the patterns and finally picked one that I liked best. 

I couldn't believe how easy and fast it sewed up especially compared to my crayon rolls which don't take long either. 

I cut out enough material to sew four and got the first one done and about to finish the others. 

Here it is:

and the front:

It holds 4 tea bags and it's just the right size to keep in my purse for when I'm staying at the bus barn all day.

Here are some fun free tutorials to sew your own. They are so much fun to give away!

One pocket
Two pocket
Three pocket
4 pocket the original pattern I used is gone. :-( this one is similar. I used interfacing for the front. I'm going to work on a tutorial for the ones I make soon, so check back!
Four pocket using a serger.
4 pocket
Wool felt tea wallet
Six pocket
Six pocket with sweeteners
Six pocket with ribbon
Six pocket with rounded edges and binding

Don't sew? Here are some knit versions.

Tea wallet- free
Fun tea bag shaped- $3.50
Vines Tea wallet- $3
Tea toters- free

Crochet version:
Tea bag wallet
If I was going to crochet a tea wallet. I would make one using the Magic Square potholder pattern and make an additional flap, myself.


Sky Farms said...

That looks pretty cool! You did a great job! Are you going to sell these???

PurlingPenny said...

Love this idea as I'm a tea granny. Perfect for keeping the bags from harm and together. What is a bus barn? :)

Noel Wright said...

PurlingPenny- the bus barn is where they park all the school busses. (hubby's breakroom)
SkyFarms- yes, (I think) but still working out final details. Like should each be a different price based on fabric used, and/or should I include tea in the wallets, etc...

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