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Silly owner cat beanie

I decided to take a break making pot holders and crocheted two hats for the kitties.
Mittens and Zucchini put it on for a few seconds but were clearly not impressed. Freddie on the other hand... Well, he's getting more used to my craziness.
So, Freddie has become my new model. I bought a special can of treats for him that he gets only when sporting his new hat.
He's so funny! Soon as he sees me get the hat out, he sits still so I can put it on him. Then, he gets a treat! It also helps that he gets to come inside when wearing the hat. I can't take any chances that he'll run off with my precious hat. Lol.
By the way, you can find this hat on ravelry under the title- Silly cat owner beanie.
Try making one for your fur babies. Then take a picture so I can see it on the projects page.
Speaking of hats, my" first pattern giveaway starts next month and it will be of a knitted hat. Stay tuned to find out when the drawing is and to see which one it will be.
Until next…

How to cut your netting strips with rotary cutter for crocheting pot scrubbers

I needed to cut some netting this week and misplaced my good cutting scissors, so I thought I'd try cutting the netting with my rotary cutter. Why haven't I done this sooner? I may never feel the need to look for my orange scissors again! lol

I found that using my clear cutting square, that I was able to get more strips per yard than just cutting it by hand. There are many different brands of clear cutting squares, rectangles and rulers out there. I chose this brand, Creative Grids because it's made in the USA.

That's it! It was so easy. There are other ways of cutting these strips. One reader shared an idea. Her husband made her a wooden board with grooves cut out of her desired width. Then, she just lays the netting down and cuts along the grooves.

How do YOU like to cut your netting?? Please share by leaving a comment!

Legacy of clean

I got my new bottle of Legacy of Clean soft cleanser today. I was so excited to clean my sink and tub with it. It's not everyday I'm excited to clean! Lol.I was hoping it was scented like their dish soap but it wasn't. It does have a citrus scent to it though. It has some nice scrubbing power to it. It cleaned my sink nicely. Tomorrow I will clean the tub. So far I have been impressed with the cleaners I've tried from this company. But my favorite dish soap is now Lemon Brite from Melaleuca. While I still like the Dish Drops, I prefer the Lemon Brite in the winter time. We haul our water in jugs when the cold weather is here and the Dish Drops soap seems to work best under running hot water. The soft cleanser I got today was $6 plus shipping. I'm curious to know how long a bottle lasts for us. To order a bottle, you can google Nutrilite and see if there is someone in your area that sells it. In my case, my neighbor. The dish soap from Melaleuca I buy from a friend.…

Finished grandma's favorite dishcloth

I took some time off of the second poncho to make these eight dishcloths for a friend. I tried to make them all the same size of 8 inches, but they turned out different sizes anyhow.
I used a size 6 needle instead of my usual 7 or 8 because she asked that it be of a tighter weave. Usually I knit until I've reached 45 stitches before decreasing.
The first one I made was the large sage green and knit until I reached 55 stitches. I measured it as best as I could to get 8 inches, so I was surprised when it came out 9 inches instead. The second one I knit was the smaller sage green and I was sure that I was going to run out of yarn so I knit it until I had 45 stitches. It came out 7 inches!
My friend said she didn't care what sizes they were so I left it that way, but I have to say it bothered me to do so! So I knit her up two bonus Christmas colored cloths to make up for it and sent her two soap savers.
The blue dishcloths and the Christmas ones were knit until I reached 50 sti…

How to sew a tissue holder with pictures tutorial

A friend of mine was on her way over to pick up a tea wallet for her daughter. She loves cats and I had a bit of material leftover from it so I decided to sew her up a tissue holder to match. I couldn't believe how fast it was to sew up.

To make one, you'll need:
a piece of material that is 6 by 8 inches.
8 inch piece of matching rick rack optional
sewing thread or machine

After you cut out your material, lay  it down with wrong side up and fold in 1/2 inch on both the short sides. If you are concerned about the edges fraying, either treat it with fray check or fold it under 1/4 inch and then again. I did not bother.

You can use your iron to press the 1/2 inch fold down, but I just finger pressed it and it worked fine.

Then, sew a seam down the middle of the folds you just made.
The dash marks show where you sew.

After that,  flip it over and fold one end up by 1 3/4 inches. And the other side, fold it up 2 inches.
It will look like this.

Then sew along the shorter sides. I …

Lilley's Shrug

This is the shrug I was making back in October for my friend's daughter Lilley as a birthday present. Her birthday is the day after mine. I started early on it because I know how slow it takes me to get things done even though the actual knitting time is very little.

I took one skein of Lion Brand Fancy fur purple yarn with one strand of Red Heart purple worsted weight.

The tricky part was figuring out how many stitches to cast on.

I measured Lilley's wrists around. Then measured her upper arms around. Also, I measured from wrist to wrist and then from shoulder to shoulder.

I originally was going to knit it from wrist to wrist but found that the material stretches out and from the length I chose figured she could still do the fun things kids do without the shrug getting in the way.

I first cast on 20 sts but found as I draped it over my arms that it started to stretch enough to fit me. Her wrists are a lot smaller than mine. I think I eventually casted on 16 stitches and found…

Pigs and baby hats

I knit this cloth for a friend who loves pigs. I crocheted her grand daughter two ear flap hats in October. They were fun to make.
The tail on the pig dishcloth was hard to figure out so I guessed and did my own thing for it. I got the pattern from the Knitting Knonsense website.
The child ear flap hat patterns can be found on here.

Little loaf of bread

I've been wanting to find a tiny loaf of bread recipe for some time. So, when I found this one I had to try it.
My yeast was older than I thought and even with two risings it wasn't taller than a slice of bread. But I stuck it in the oven anyhow earlier tonight.
It rose in the oven as it baked and turned out wonderful and tasty. I will definitely be making it again.

This small sized loaf is so easy to knead by hand and is just the perfect size to bake in my toaster oven.

We have drastically cut our bread eating down over the years. We like it once in awhile instead of everyday.

Until next time!

Click here for the recipe.

Pear cake

The aroma in the house today is almost unbearable. I can't wait to sample this fabulous pear cake I am baking.

It's so easy to make. Click here for the recipe.
I had to improvise a bit today though. I had a half eaten quart jar of homemade oear sauce to use instead of fresh pears.
Unsure if the amount to use, I substituted 1 1/2 cups pear sauce and used only 1/2 cup of Brown sugar since the sauce was slightly sweetened.
I added a dash or two if cinnamon powder to the batter. Then I added a  light sprinkle of brown sugar after it had baked for 15 minutes.
It made three pans so one of the pans, I'm going to add 1/8  cup of frozen blueberries to the batter. I'm told to add them frozen not thawed after rolling them in flour first, but instead I'm going to try rolling them in powdered sugar instead since the batter is not as sweet as it usually is.
Mmmm! Looks good!

Busy sewing and crafting

This past week I have been busy crocheting pot scrubbers, knitting dishcloths, and sewing tea wallets.

Favorite hush puppies recipe

This is my favorite hush puppies recipe that I got from a cookbook called: Texas living past and present.1 1/2 cups cornmeal
1/2 cup flour
2 tsp. Baking powder
1 tsp. Salt
3 tsp. Sugar
3/4 cup milk
1 egg
1 small onionCombine dry ingredients. Add milk, egg, onions. Mix well. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls into deep hot oil, frying only a few at a time. Drain on paper towels. Makes 2 dozen.Enjoy!

how to sew a fabric headband

To make the fabric headband you will need 1/8 yard of fabric, an iron and one fourth inch wide elastic.

Next, you will need to measure your head and subtract two inches. After your material is cut out then lay wrong side facing up and fold in 1/4 inch on the short sides. Sew a 1/4 inch seam allowance along the lengthwise part of the material. Turn inside out, and press seam so that it is in the middle.

Cut a piece of elastic that is three and a half inches long. Then insert it into the end. Now take the top part and fold down to the seam in the middle. Then take the bottom and fold to the middle seam as shown in picture. Sew across being sure to catch elastic inside.

Repeat on opposite end.

the original pattern can be found here.

I just tweaked her pattern a little.

Tgv, first timer's shawl and embroidery pictures to share

Here are the pictures I promised!

Just a back view of the TGV-

 Up close picture of back To get the pattern, click here.

 back view of "Easy First Timer's Shawl"

The two bird squares I've done so far. Everything but the french knots. 
I bought my quilt kit locally, but you can also order them online here.

No flour peanut butter cookies

These are the easiest peanut butter cookies I have ever made.
You'll need:
Preheated oven set to 350 degrees.
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of smooth or crunchy peanut butter
1 egg
Mix together. Drop by spoonfuls, and flatten with fork. Bake 10 minutes.
That's it!