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Things around the home

The one place they are not allowed to be. Waiting for breakfast! 

Planted three cucumber plants in a pot after "season". I was pleased to be able to eat at least one cucumber this year. Only two plants came up thanks to the kittens.

Whenever I'd try to get a picture of Freddie, he'd always end up coming right to the camera. All of my shots of him were blurry. I sat him down and had a talk with him and told him how much I really would like to be able to get one decent picture of him. Sat him down and he posed for me! 

Bought some t-shirts from my neighbor. He goes to storage auctions and had over 25 totes of clothing. I think it took me about 3 hours to sort through it all. Of course, the kittens followed me over and had to help me. Got 16 shirts from him for 10 cents each! I am going to be making a new rug for the house this winter. Might even do a tutorial from start to finish on it, if I remember. I've done one before, but never with pictures for each step. An…

Show and Tell

Trixie begging for treats. She's my best buddy in the world if I'm eating. LOL!

My mom sent me some Noro Kureyon yarn this year and I made some felted pouches with it. Didn't felt as nicely as I had hoped but felting is something new to me.

Crocheted a "brim" style hat but added ear flaps instead. A bit snug on my head, but it's a pre-teen sized hat. I just put it on for the picture. Pattern found here: Vallies Kids. Sorry, I can't find the direct link right now. I'm on limited time. I will try to find it later.

These are the baby booties I spoke of last time. The pattern is here. I don't care for booties with ties, so I just didn't put that row in and knit it regular instead. 
Finally finished the Covers and Soles cap that I've had on my needles for way too long! 

Got the nerve to pick out some buttons from a friend and sewed them on my felted pouches. What do you think??
Tore the bathroom addition on the old house off and now in the cle…

It's that time again!

I've been knitting baby sets for my friend's church bazaar sale this week. I got two complete sets done and hope to have the third done by this afternoon.

I took pictures of what I made but haven't have a chance to download the pics yet to my laptop. I am using the library computer right now. It was a surprise visit and glad I could get over here to put up a new blog post.

Sorry, I never got to post up balloon ball pictures. I still haven't made any since I said I would post some anyhow. Maybe someday next year! lol

I've mainly been knitting these baby sets and knitting up more miniature socks for friends. This is the pattern I am using for the mini socks. It took me about 9 hours the other day to make just three. I had a goal in mind to make a dozen by today and sadly did not come close. :-)

Mini Sock

You may have to sign up for a FREE Ravelry account to view the pattern but you'll be so glad you did. This is by far the best mini sock pattern I have found and I…