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Fabric Balloon balls

For the past month or so, I've wanted to try sewing a fabric balloon ball but for one reason or another haven't had a chance until this week.

I found three patterns on google and attempted to sew each one of them.

This is the first one I found. Mad Quilter Balloon ball. Even though I had the hardest time getting the points to line up, I liked the pattern. Sort of. I didn't like how the opening for the balloon was starting to fray after just a few uses. I also didn't like how bunched up it looked.

So, I got on google and looked some more and found this pattern. Stuff by Steph balloon ball. I liked the way this one looked much better, but I had never made a buttonhole before with my machine. Well, maybe one other time but it didn't turn out very good. But I was determined, so I practiced and figured it out. It wasn't that bad! I was kind of shocked at how easy it was. My last machine did everything for me, I just had to press the foot, but this one, I have to tur…

Enough dough to spare

Wednesday I made a batch of 100% whole wheat bread dough using one of my favorite recipes.

Slightly sweet but simple whole wheat bread tastes great and easy to make especially if you have a bread machine which I recommend. If you try to knead this out by hand, you'll have to use more flour than is called for in the recipe just to make it easy to handle and by that point, your bread will turn out like a lump of hard brick when done.

I halved the recipe and put it in my Oster Breadmachine which I absolutely love! I seriously thought about saving up the $279 to buy the "Zo" machine but then they had this one on clearance at our Walmart for $50 and I just wanted to make bread! I have been so pleased with the Oster machine. I have used it almost daily for over 2 years now and it's still going strong. Just recently, I did contact the company and asked about getting a pan replacement and they sent me one free of charge! It was a little different looking and at first I though…

Sewing fabric balloon balls

I've been trying for the past several days to sew a fabric balloon ball. I'm not happy with how they are looking yet, but I'm far from giving up! lol

these are two different style ones. I like the buttonhole look of the first one but I'm having a hard time sewing the octagon to the ends. There is some trick to it I'm sure I just haven't figured it out yet! lol

I found yet another pattern today and plan on trying it tomorrow.

will post up more pictures later.

Green Prayer shawl

This is the prayer shawl I finished over the summer. The design is just a k3, p3 repeat.

I casted on 63 and knit until it measured 60 inches long. I like this fast easy pattern. It's the "standard" one the ladies all knit at prayer shawl group. I like it because I don't have to concentrate much. I used size 11 needles. Most of the ladies use either a size 11 (CO57) or 13 (CO63).  I like casting on 63 so I don't have to worry about knitting the purls and purling the knits. This way, I just start with a k3 and end with a K3.

This is red heart worsted weight yarn.

TGV again

After my last mess up on the shawl, I had put it away for awhile, but took it out and have been a lot of progress with it lately. I'm almost back to the point from when I started before I had to rip it out.

I'm kind of glad I started over because I was convinced I used the wrong needle size and should have gone up one. When I realized I had to start over, I tried using a size 7, but did not like the way it looked or felt after all, so now that I'm back using the same as I started, I'm much happier with it.

Plus, since I was trying a new pattern, I found my tension was uneven, but now it's smooth and great! I'll try to remember to take a picture of what I've got done so far this afternoon, but no guarantees, I'll remember! :P

I've been re-thinking making socks again after talking to a friend about sock knitting the other day at knitting club. I was able to finally make it to one of their meetings and I had forgotten how much I enjoy the company of ot…

Blue tote bag

I finished sewing a new bag today with some fabric that a friend gave me. I just love the floral material. The blue is a denim sort of material and I like it very much too. The blue started out as a skirt but I messed up on it so badly that I just cut it into a bag instead. :-)

I did not use a pattern really and just made it up as I went along. I knew enough of bag construction to get started. The quilted patch is a pocket. I really wanted to incorporate some sort of quilted thing for the front and almost used it as a pillow for my chair but then decided to make a pocket instead. There are things I would do differently next time but it was fun to make anyhow.

I had a lot of trouble at first with the lining which is of the floral material but finally got it figured out. It's roomy enough to store some yarn or whatever I put in it.

How to make mint tea

For the past few weeks, we've been enjoying mint tea. I made some when we lived in Texas and have since forgotten the original recipe I used, so I had to start experimenting again.

This is what I do to make a 2 quart batch. I take 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Turn off from heat and add one family size tea bag of Luzianne tea and one tea bag of Plantation mint. Let steep for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I forget and let it steep an hour. That's okay.

Then, take the tea bags out and pour the mixture into your pitcher. Fill the rest of the way up with water and refrigerate overnight.

If you want a gallon of tea, then just use 2 tea bags of Luzianne tea and 2 tea bags of Plantation mint.

It has just the right amount of mint in it for us and we both think it helps keep us cooler in the summer!

We once tried to substitute the "Mint Medley" by Bigelow but did not like it at all!

**Update** I think I got the two mixed up when I wrote this post. Tonight I used "Min…