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Squash with basil

After learning the proper way to harvest my basil, I was left with a nice large bowl of it. I can almost taste the pesto! But first, I need some extra virgin olive oil which I won't be able to get until Wednesday. Anyways, I had a recipe I wanted to try but couldn't find anywhere, so I searched the Internet for a recipe that had ingredients that I had on hand and found this.

It was delicious! Nick wasn't so sure when he smelled the garlic I added in, but even he liked it!

Here is the recipe for the squash with basil.

I'm planning to make more tomorrow since it was so yummy.

Years ago, someone taught me how to dry herbs in my refrigerator. Can you guess how? You just take the herbs you want to dry and wrap them in some paper towels (washed and not drippy wet) Then, place on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator and forget about it for awhile. Soon it will be nice and crispy!

Cherry Cobbler Easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

Last night, I decided to make some cherry cobbler in the crock pot. I've posted the recipe before, but I'm going to post it again because it's so easy!

When I woke up this morning and got on my facebook, one of the things on my wall said,

"Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day!" I had no idea there was such a thing and for all the days for it to be! lol

So, I dragged out my crock pot and made some. You can cook it on on low for 4 hours or high for 2 hours. For some reason I thought it was ready in two and was disappointed that I'd have to smell it for another 2 hours! Mmmmm!

#1- Grease crockpot. Empty one can of cherry pie filling in crock pot 

#2- Melt 1/2 cup of butter and pour over one box of dry cake mix. Mix together.

#3- Sprinkle dry mixture on top. Put lid on and cook.

Wasn't that simple!
Nick said he'd bring home some vanilla ice cream to go with it! Yay!
Of course, I had to sample some before Nick got home:


Apple Cake = Wonderful!

I finally got around to making the apple cake and boy did it turned out delicious! When I say "cake" it is more like a bread in the term of banana bread. Not bread like you eat on sandwiches... We love our banana bread cold out of the refrigerator, so I'm planning on taking what's left of the apple cake and putting it in to get cold too. It tastes pretty good warm out of the oven though!

I don't usually take a new recipe that I've never made before and start changing it. Usually I wait until I've made it at least once, but not today. Just felt like experimenting.

Here is the recipe I came up with.

1 cup brown sugar (originally, I had only put in 3/4 cup but when I tasted the batter it was hardly sweet, so I added in 1/4 cup to the batter)
2 cups chopped apples (I used my pampered chef hand chopper to get the chunks nice and tiny.

Put in a bowl and let soak for one hour. Stir before setting the timer. I had chopped up more apples than I needed so I added a…

Zippered bag

Well, I finally got brave enough to try sewing a zippered bag using this tutorial.  If you're the type of person that wants to know exactly how big to cut your material this video is not for you. You have to come up with your own size of the material and zipper length.

I used a 7 inch length zipper and cut my material accordingly. Of course, the zipper length was longer than the actual zipper part.

This is the first bag I made:

While I like it, I don't care for the fact that the inside is already starting to fray. I put some Fray Check on the inside but, would have liked for it to have a lining.

The second bag I did, I sewed two pieces of material together and then turned it right side out so it had a "liner" to make it stand out more and look more boxy, but it frayed just as much when I had to make the corners. I might try making the next one where I just sew along the triangle part, like I talked about earlier.

I really don't care for either bag, and want to ri…

Carrot apple juice

My sister gave me a huge six pound bag of red delicious apples and with two of them and a handful of carrots made two glasses of juice for lunch! It was delicious! :-)

I don't usually care for the red delicious variety because they tend to feel mealy and mushy but these are so crisp and nice for fresh eating.

I'm planning on trying a new recipe in my bread machine for some apple cake tonight. I found it in one of my old cookbooks. It sounds yummy! If it's any good, I'll be sure to share the recipe.

More drawstring bags

I had so much fun sewing those bags that after I cleaned out my junk drawer, I decided to sew some more. I plan to eventually have "tags" on all my bags so I can tell with a glance what's inside each one.

I made one to hold our seed packets in because they kept getting scattered. One to put our cell phone chargers in. And another one to hold my collection of cookie cutters. I plan to sew more to hold our camera battery chargers, our playing cards (Uno, Skip-bo, and Scrabble).

Drawstring bags

After searching the internet for hours looking for a nice tutorial for a drawstring bag, I finally found one!

And I still managed to not follow the directions right because my bag looks a little funny. But it was my first one so I'll cut myself some slack! lol

I'm trying it again using up some fabric scraps that were given to me. This material is not very forgiving for ripping out as it leaves little tiny holes in the material.

I'm happy with how they turned out!

Finished bag picture

So, I decided not to rip out the bag I finished yesterday. Instead I made another "bag" out of a lining material and sewed the upper half to the existing bag. It took several tries because I did not really measure the bag yesterday though I had an idea of how big it was. Then the liner piece of material kept slipping while I was trying to sew it. I hate it when that happens. I'm just glad I made the bag for me and didn't promise it out to someone else. If you look really closely you can see all my mistakes!

I wanted to avoid having to buy any material, so I used half from the liner of a coat (the one that I got the buttons from) and the other half was from a pair of tan pants. Since the blue material was thinner than the blue jean material, I used the liner material on the side with the blue jean and the heavier tan material on the side with the blue.

I ended up messing it up when I found that the liner was larger than the bag, so I had to rip out a little bit and re…

Sewing bags

This morning I decided to finally tackle sewing a cloth bag. I've been looking at ideas all week long. So, I finally decided to just jump right in and try making one. I had some material that a ravelry friend sent me when I swapped a dish cloth with her, that I thought looked like the perfect size. I have been wanting a bag to use for holding my small to medium sized knitting projects in.

I had some old jeans that the zipper broke on and used it for one side and the material for the other. I intended to sew a lining in the bag, but completely forgot until I was almost done with it. I took the finished bag into town today but I can see how it's going to be a problem to not have the lining in it. The material is cotton on one side and heavy thick jean material on the other. I'm worried that the handles on the cotton side are going to rip off.

So, tomorrow, I intend to rip out the whole bag on the bottom part and try to sew a lining in. I'm not really sure how I'm goi…