Saturday, June 25, 2005

The other garden

I've spoken briefly about the other garden that we have. It's at a friend of Noel's who lives not even 5 miles from here.

She approached us with the offer of letting us plant some more there and we jumped on it.

The plot is about 40-by-40-feet. So far we have planted there beets, cucumbers, peas, bush beans and corn.

We went by today to check on its progress as it's been about two weeks since we planted it.

The four rows of corn surprised me, they are doing pretty good. There are some bare spots in the rows where the seed didn't take, but all-in-all we should have a little bit of our very own corn this year.

The green beans are doing very well so far. We're going to have a goodly amount of beans this year, gods willing.

The peas there are also doing pretty good.

The cukes are coming in nicely and I can't wait to put away several jars of pickles this year! Yum.

The beets are not really up yet. I found a couple of sprouts that might be beets, but I suppose it's just a little too early to tell. The beets we planted here at the homestead are really just now showing so I should check them again next week.

But we still have about 10 feet on one end of the garden that I haven't planted yet. We have more pumpkin watermelon and beet seed. Plus quite a bit of seed potatoes. What do you all think we should plant in that last little bit of garden?

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