Friday, November 30, 2012

How to do the russian join

I recently learned how to do a Russian join and wanted to share how I did it. I had been shown this technique before but everyone that showed it to me went way too fast and by the time I got home and tried to remember how it was done, I could not do it.

First, you need a needle and the two yarns that you want to connect:

 These are a sample of needles in my case. I prefer to use the first one because the point is sharper and it is not as long. 

Thread the needle through the first yarn. It doesn't matter which goes first. 
I like to leave the tail piece 1 inch long.

 Take the needle and begin threading it through the center of yarn you are holding.

 Keep threading it through until you have about the length of your needle. 

 Next, you will simply pull the needle and tail through the part you just bunched up on the needle. It looks funny like this because I haven't pulled the tail piece out yet. 

 This is what it looks like after the tail piece is pulled out. Usually the hole is more visible, but this time it looks smaller. I actually prefer it this way. 

 Now, you take the other yarn that you want to connect to, and pull it through the hole as shown above. Sometimes the hole is big enough to just poke the yarn through, but in this case, I had to thread it through to fit. The big needle is not used in this rest of the steps. (just to get the yarn through)

Okay, now that the yarn is through the hole, take the needle off the blue yarn and 

Thread it onto the grey so you can repeat the step.

Keep threading it and bunching it until it's the length of the needle and pull it all the way through including the tail end like before. 

When you pull the needle off the thread, it should look like this. See how the hole is bigger with the grey yarn than the blue? 

 To fix that, simply pull on the grey tail end to tighten up the hole. 

Then, I pull on the main piece of the yarn where my hand is, and also on the blue side and pull both ends which makes it smooth.

 The tail ends need to be snipped off now.

 Snipping off ends. 

 And there you have it! A Russian join. When you are knitting with it, it can be slightly bulgy, but not enough to notice when it's worked up especially if you have the same color for both yarns.

This is the yarn I joined for the actual project I was doing. See, how hard it is to see the join?

Until next time!

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PurlingPenny said...

This is great info Noel, I will try this for sure. Thanks for posting!

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