Friday, November 9, 2012

Fingerless gloves Fingerless mitts

I'm not sure what the difference between the two things are: Fingerless gloves or fingerless mitts. But this week I was trying to find a suitable pattern for the two pairs I need to make this month! I was limited to viewing the patterns on my phone and was having a really hard time finding something that I liked. The pattern names were great and catchy, but did not tell me much about the pattern. Whether or not it was a skill I had learned or if I had the right size needles for the project.

 I had looked at several patterns on Ravelry while at a friend's house, but not having internet access at home, I had no way to print off copies to view later. 

I noticed that all the patterns I looked at either had a seperate thumb section or a seam that you would sew up the side and simply leave a gap. I was hoping to find a pattern I liked for the latter because I thought it would be easier. I found several great sounding patterns from "Knitting Pattern Central" but with titles such as, "Fantastic fingerless mitts" I had no way of knowing how easy the pattern would be. I was just trying to find a very basic plain "boring" pattern! lol And to find one that was easy too. 

I was just about to give up all hope when I came across this pattern after months of searching for "the" pattern. I looked over the pattern and wrote down the pattern so I could have something to go by later when my phone was off. I saw that it was the type of pattern that had a seperate thumb part but it didn't look that difficult. Sure enough, it wasn't. I was shocked at just how easy it was. I just took it step by step. Line upon line and before I knew it, I had knit this up:

The only problem is that I didn't do a gauge. (mainly b/c I didn't notice the pattern even had a gauge it until I was done) I counted 16 stitches instead of the 20 it called for. I thought it was looking quite large and sure enough it was too big. The thumb part was too tight as well. So, I plan on trying the pattern again (to practice my thumb gussets and use a size 6 needle. I think that should give me the correct gauge. I'm glad I just knit it up anyways, because I wanted to be able to practice this new technique.

The only thing is that I don't have any size 6 dpn's yet. Hopefully that will change Monday when I stop by the yarn store. I'm especially hoping I will have enough money to buy a size 6 16 inch length circular needle to make two hat orders go quickly. The cast on is almost 100 and doesn't fit very well on just the dpn's. 

Anyways, back to my fingerless mittens story. After I knit up this pink one, I found this other pattern and it was for the type I had been searching for. I really don't like to sew seams but since I use such large needles for these, they don't take long to make. So, sewing up a few seams is no big deal. 

Finished the second half and just need to sew up the seams and I'm done!

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