Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Balloon balls

For the past month or so, I've wanted to try sewing a fabric balloon ball but for one reason or another haven't had a chance until this week.

I found three patterns on google and attempted to sew each one of them.

This is the first one I found. Mad Quilter Balloon ball. Even though I had the hardest time getting the points to line up, I liked the pattern. Sort of. I didn't like how the opening for the balloon was starting to fray after just a few uses. I also didn't like how bunched up it looked.

So, I got on google and looked some more and found this pattern. Stuff by Steph balloon ball. I liked the way this one looked much better, but I had never made a buttonhole before with my machine. Well, maybe one other time but it didn't turn out very good. But I was determined, so I practiced and figured it out. It wasn't that bad! I was kind of shocked at how easy it was. My last machine did everything for me, I just had to press the foot, but this one, I have to turn the dial from "a" to "d". Still, it wasn't that bad. But... I could not figure out how to attach the ends. The instructions were nice, but left me feeling so confused.  Plus, when I sewed the panels together, I started at the top and backstitched a little on each end to only find out I wasn't supposed to start sewing until about an inch past the top. So, most of the afternoon I spent ripping out my panels. Then, I couldn't seem to sew all the panels in the exact spot. Maybe next time I will mark them.

But I really liked the buttonhole way better. So, I kept practicing. No matter what I did, I could not get it to lay flat and smooth like hers. Mine just kept all bunched up.

It may not look that bunched in the photo, but you can't see the other side. Ha! ha!

So, I was determined to keep looking on google for yet another balloon ball tutorial. That's when I came across this one. Emma Jones Cloth Balloon Ball Pattern.

(my camera batteries are dead and I thought I took a picture of the last balloon ball and now I don't see it anywhere, so I will add them later.)

Just thought of this now, but I'm not sure when I printed all three patterns if they even printed the right size, since my printer asked me if I wanted the pattern to fit the page, but I figured it was close enough. Maybe that's why mine bunched so much though... It would have been nice if there had been a one inch square to go on the pattern to see if it was the right size.

Anyways, I liked this pattern best I think because it was the easiest to attach the end pieces to. It turned out way larger than I thought it would be, but it fit my balloon just right. The only thing I did not like was the flap.  In fact, I ended up having to rip out some stitches because I could not get the balloon ball to turn inside out from just the tiny slit I had. But last night I thought of an alternative. While I like the flat, I really like the button hole. So, tomorrow I'm going to try making a combination ball using the buttonhole and this third pattern. If it works, I'll show you what I did.

And I have to wonder am I the only idiot that didn't know how to sew these together? I was thinking of doing a tutorial on the tutorials for people like me that need more instructions than just, "sew it all together" lol


PurlingPenny said...

Good for you for persevering Noel...... I'm like you, I'd need a little more help than "sew it together"! I'd have given up ages ago, especially since I'm not the best sewer to begin with. Looking forward to seeing the end results.

Noel Wright said...

what do you mean end results? I'm done! lol

PurlingPenny said...

"So, tomorrow I'm going to try making a combination ball using the buttonhole and this third pattern. If it works, I'll show you what I did."

That's what I was meaning. :)

Noel Wright said...

Oh, yeah.. I forgot I said that. LOL! Okay, I will plan to do that this week then. Thanks for reminding me! :-)

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