Monday, July 30, 2012

Making crayon rolls

The past couple days I have been busy sewing crayon rolls. 

I have 7 total and more on the way!

I really like this pink glittery fabric. I hope I can get more before they run out.

 I have three with fabric ties, and one with a ribbon tie.

I was limited on the boys fabric. The zoo animals fabric I got as scrap material. I didn't have enough for a whole crayon roll with just that material. So, when I found the flannel dinosaur print and light blue material on clearance I figured I'd make do with what I had. The other dinosaur print is leftover from when I made my nephew's crayon roll. I wish I had bought extra of that material when they had it as they no longer carry it. :-(

This is the front and 

this is the back. Since the flannel dinosaur print (top photo) was on clearance, I didn't get to choose how much I got, but it was about less than half of a yard. Again, I really liked it but it's all gone. :-(

More crayon rolls. I tried more ribbon for the ties and some scrap tan material I had. I have 7 total with one being the same as the first photo.

I've been having so much fun sewing these that I think I'll make some more tomorrow! I have 2 more yards of pink glittery material left but out of boys print again. Will have to keep my eyes peeled for more. A friend suggested I make a crochet hook case with the pink material, but will probably wait as I want to sew up as many crayon rolls as I can. I've got three people interested in them. While the pink material is on clearance on not coming back, I was happy to see that they had some more just like it but with teal instead. But of course, it's not on sale. Oh well!  It's so pretty!


JenT said...

a little taller would be awesome for pens or colored pencils. I would love something like that for scrapbooking stuff. Keeps things organized and out of sight and it is pretty too! Good job!

Noel Wright said...

Great idea! I will have to find some dimensions to work with to find the right size for colored pencils. I imagine it would be similar to my crochet hook cases.


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