Monday, June 25, 2012

Fried egg potholder pattern links

Someone was asking me the other day about a pattern for a dish cloth that looked like a fried egg.

While, I haven't found a dish cloth pattern yet, I did find this crocheted potholder that is supposed to look like a fried egg. I'm wondering what makes this different than a sunflower pattern? or a regular flower pattern- just by making the center larger.

Here is the crocheted fried egg pincushion.

Here is a knit fried egg. You can use it as a pincushion too!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet flowers pattern links to share

I asked for some patterns for a crocheted flower on Knitting Paradise (a forum I visit) and two people responded with patterns that I liked. One was for a knit one, which to view, you'll have to sign in to Knitting Paradise or click here. This pattern is similar only the one shared on Knitting Paradise it didn't say to knit the first row. It immediately went to the bind off part.

Sadly, I could not figure it out but plan to get help on Thursday. Yay! The lady that shared the pattern with me is going to help me figure it out via skype!

Another lady on Knitting Paradise shared her version which can be found here. I'm not sure this link will work but let me know if it doesn't. You should be able to see the above pattern too. The lady was super nice and sent me photos including progress pictures to help me understand how to make them. I usually need to see pictures of the progress to understand crochet patterns. They are super easy and fast to make. I found I could make different sizes by just changing hook sizes. Duh! I should have known that! lol I made a bunch with a size E, G, and H hook. Then, I can layer them on top of each other.

The second flower pattern I used is found here at Mom of 5 Daughters.  I like her flowers because you sew a button on to your finished item and can change out the flowers as you want. I've made a couple cute headbands for kids with interchangeable flowers with this pattern. 

The third flower pattern I used is found here. One of my favorite crochet sites for free patterns. There is a knitting version too! There are literally a ton of flower patterns found at this site. 

A few of the flowers I made were based on using a couple of the patterns together. I noticed with flowers it's basically done the same way.

Make the center. Add petals, I like to start out with a hdc, work a sc, then a dc, then back down to repeat and make each scallop.

Here to add another flower pattern. Click HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crocheted flower pattern

I agreed to make some crocheted flowers for a friends and thought I'd post up some pictures of what I was sending her. I waited until she got them so they'd be a surprise.

The first yellow one, I used this pattern but could not figure out row 5, so I just stopped at row 4 and liked how it turned out anyways! lol

The second yellow one, I used this pattern. I used a size "G" hook because that was the smallest size hook I had. I now see the wisdom in using the smaller sized hook.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flowers Growing

One of the things I love doing on Ravelry is finding things for people. I like to browse the "Patterns" section for folks looking for a pattern and search my heart's content for what I think they are looking for.

When I clicked on the "June Giveaways" this morning it said that a lady was offering up some tangled yarn and that it was for the lady that had asked awhile back for some for her autistic child to untangle. That post made me curious because I never thought about that before. How many times have I had yarn that was so tangled up that in frustration I threw it away! A few times, before I met Beth. (local friend that loves to untangle stuff, but even sometimes she gets some that she can't do) Next time, I get some tangled up yarn, I'll be sure to send it to this person.

Anyways, I searched on the RAK forums to see who it was that wanted untangled yarn and found the person right away. I felt kind of weird and wasn't sure if she would even get this message anytime soon, but told her about the post.

She wrote me back to thank me to telling her about it and offered to buy me a pattern!

I was trying to think of what to write for my June RAK wish and all I could come up with was for a pattern that I have been wanting to make for a friend's daughter, so I told her about it.

Within the hour, the pattern was paid for and sent to me.

I'm super excited and can't wait to knit some of these flowers up. I hope it's not too hard of a pattern but I know if I get stuck, I can always find help on Ravelry. Every time I think I'm stuck and can't figure out a pattern, I just post up my question and within minutes, help is on the way!

After I make the first set, I plan to give one away on Ravelry. Either through the monthly giveaway board or the main RAK board.

Thanks again, kind stranger!

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