Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zippered bag

Well, I finally got brave enough to try sewing a zippered bag using this tutorial.  If you're the type of person that wants to know exactly how big to cut your material this video is not for you. You have to come up with your own size of the material and zipper length.

I used a 7 inch length zipper and cut my material accordingly. Of course, the zipper length was longer than the actual zipper part.

This is the first bag I made:

While I like it, I don't care for the fact that the inside is already starting to fray. I put some Fray Check on the inside but, would have liked for it to have a lining.

The second bag I did, I sewed two pieces of material together and then turned it right side out so it had a "liner" to make it stand out more and look more boxy, but it frayed just as much when I had to make the corners. I might try making the next one where I just sew along the triangle part, like I talked about earlier.

I really don't care for either bag, and want to rip it out and use the zipper again, but I guess I'll just let it be. I want to order some zippers from GVS since they only charge 75 cents each! That's half of what Walmart charges and shipping isn't that much. I love ordering from GVS anyways.

Well, I did not make the apple cake last night because I forgot we had leftover brownies to finish up, but I am planning on making it tonight. I also wanted to wait to make it because we may have company over tomorrow and I thought if there was any left we could share it with our guest!

Here is the second bag:

It looks like the zipper should go the other way but that's because I just made it longer. Now, I see I could have made it shorter. Oh well...

My tongue is burning because I ate some Wasabi flavored Rice crackers that my mom sent me. She sent me a nice surprise box that contained these crackers, some roasted barley tea (never had but anxious to try), some more pattern leaflets, two skeins of yarn (normally marked $8 each that she got somewhere on sale for 59 cents! She always knows where to find bargains! She also sent me a pair of slippers for winter and two lightweight jackets- One for me and one for Nick. How did she know I was wanting one just like this!? I don't have a lightweight jacket that zips up and this is just what I've been wanting. In our favorite colors too! I had a lightweight pullover made of the same fleece material but not being able to unzip it when I got hot, it would get too warm wearing it.

My mom also sent me my favorite ginger chewy candy! And seems like she sent me something else but I can't remember what.

Well, I need to go clean up the sewing area and pick up the house before Nick gets home. Only a few more hours and I still need to bake the apple cake yet.

Until next time!

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