Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finished bag picture

So, I decided not to rip out the bag I finished yesterday. Instead I made another "bag" out of a lining material and sewed the upper half to the existing bag. It took several tries because I did not really measure the bag yesterday though I had an idea of how big it was. Then the liner piece of material kept slipping while I was trying to sew it. I hate it when that happens. I'm just glad I made the bag for me and didn't promise it out to someone else. If you look really closely you can see all my mistakes!

I wanted to avoid having to buy any material, so I used half from the liner of a coat (the one that I got the buttons from) and the other half was from a pair of tan pants. Since the blue material was thinner than the blue jean material, I used the liner material on the side with the blue jean and the heavier tan material on the side with the blue.

I ended up messing it up when I found that the liner was larger than the bag, so I had to rip out a little bit and resew it. I was surprised at how well it lays in there for not having sewn the bottom together.  I suppose I could have tacked it down, but chose not to. It can hold about 4 skeins of Red heart yarn which means it should hold my prayer shawl yarn just fine. That's the main reason I wanted to sew this bag. I got tired of always trying to find something to put my prayer shawl yarn in when I go to knitting.

I also like that I made the handles long enough to put on my shoulder. I was worried that they wouldn't be long enough but there is plenty of room!

Next on my list, is to make a smaller sized project bag to hold my sock yarn projects. The material I used for the first bag (minus the liner) was about as big as I had. The rest of my fabric stash is smaller so I'll be limited to only making tiny bags, which is fine. A lot of times when I grab my knitting, it's usually for a small finish quickly project anyhow.

I've been re-thinking what I want to keep knitting wise. I think I'm going to find a home for most of my books, and just rely on my online patterns stored on the computer. I also think I'm going to give up on the magic loop method for socks and on the 9 inch length needles. Leave it for someone that enjoys that sort of thing. I'm a dpn person myself. I feel blessed that I learned this method first. I find it easy and enjoyable. I've heard a lot of folks that don't know how or don't enjoy it. Not me!

Well, just wanted to take a quick break to post up this picture before I get back to my housecleaning.

Here is the bag:


PurlingPenny said...

Love your bag Noel, it will be a blessing for years to come I'm sure. You're very creative! I too am a good old fashioned double pointed needles sock knitter too. I also don't like toe up patterns too much. Whatever is wrong with the way things have been done for years? :) If it worked for grannie, it works for me too. I've also given away a bunch of my patterns, and I plan to weed them out even more. There's so much available for free online, that it seems a shame to take up space in my house with things I use so rarely. Hope you're having a good beginning to your week!!

Noel Wright said...

Yes, I agree, with all the patterns out there on the internet, I don't see a reason to take up space in my home with books when I could use that space for more yarn! lol

Thanks for the compliment on the bag. This week I am teaching myself to make some drawstring bags. I will post up pictures later.

Jen said...

I love how the bag turned out! Great job Noel!

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