Thursday, April 5, 2012

Knitted Phone cozy or soap sack

I thought I'd make this a separate posting rather than editing my last post. This way I can share a few secrets that I've done to make this pattern go more smoothly.

First off, I have yet to figure out how to make this on double pointed needles. The pattern never turns out right when I do. So, if you're brave enough to do it, PLEASE let me know how you did it! I thought it would just turn out the same but the holes show up in odd places...

Secondly, when I made this, I did not want to have to make two of them and sew the bottom and sides up, so what I did is this:

I made it according to the pattern and it helps to write things down as you go along otherwise you may (like me) forget which row you're on and do another extra set as shown in the photo! I also decided to just make the back be stockinette (easier) but I have done it before with the pattern showing on both sides.

Anyways, after I got done with making it, instead of binding off, I simply went backwards on the pattern and kept making it longer so that all I'd have to do is fold it (no need to sew the bottom up) and then I only had to sew the side seams up using the mattress stitch.

It helped me to write out the pattern backwards otherwise it got too confusing.

The pattern isn't mine but found here.

Some other lovely ones I can't wait to try.

Pluie Soap Holder

Dropped Stitch Soap sack- I tried this years ago but couldn't figure it out at the time. Perhaps now that I'm more skilled, I can figure it out! lol

Yesterday, I made a cell cozy out of sock yarn and planned to have it done in the pattern as I did the first one but somehow I ended up with two extra stitches. Rather than take it out for the fourth time, I decided to just make it similar to my dish cloth with ridges pattern. I made the back in simple stockinette. I had a hard time showing the ridges, so sorry the picture isn't that good!

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Sky Farms said...

That is so pretty! I love the colors you chose to use.

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