Announcement of Winner

I had a drawing on my blog for a free dish cloth and only one person entered? Are my dish cloths that bad!?

Congratulations, Jennifer!

I'll mail it out tomorrow!



JenT said…
Woohoo! I love them! They are great! Sorry that no one else entered.
PurlingPenny said…
Noel, your cloths are lovely! Maybe people don't want to be greedy. That would be me. :)
Sky Farms said…
I don't think you're doing anything wrong at all! I am still using the wonderful cloths you gave Jeromy and I a few years ago! Congrats to the winner:)
JenT said…
I hope that my loving the cloths (and winning) does not make me greedy. I enjoy having things I can tell people were made by my friend. i love the cloths but I especially LOVE the pot scrubbers! Won't ever buy them at the store again, only from Noel!!!!
Noel Wright said…
I don't think you're being greedy at all! I would have felt worse, if no one had entered at all! So, thanks for entering.

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