Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Easy Cole slaw

I found an easy way to make cole slaw.

First, you need some shredded cabbage. I usually just buy the pre-shredded kind. We only eat cole slaw when this goes on sale.  Feel free to shred some yourself though, if you prefer.

I have a Lid and Lock container that I use. I just dump the shredded cabbage in the container. A nice tall tupperware container works great for this but I'm sure a shorter one would work just as well.

Then, mix up some coleslaw dressing and just pour on top of the cabbage. Put it in the refrigerator and walk away. This works best if made first thing in the morning or the night before you plan to eat it. I like my Lid and Lock containers because I don't have to worry about smells. I bought it to put "stinky" Thai food in and it works great! :-)

The colder it is the better it tastes! Let it sit in the refrigerator and when you're ready to eat it, just give it a few stirs.

See, wasn't that super easy?

The cabbage comes to the top of the container.

What it looks like after you pour the dressing on top.

Checked on it after one hour. The dressing comes to the bottom and the cabbage starts to shrink and settle down.

After 3 hours. It's done but I let it sit until it was time to eat and then mixed it all together. 


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