Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pickles aka Bully cat

I used to call Pickles: Bully cat because she was always stealing our other cats food. She's a very vocal cat and I'd call the other ones to come eat and I'd always hear her meowing nearby. She never came within ten feet of me though. As soon as I'd go inside, she'd pick fights with the other cats and steal all the food.

I chased her off every chance I got, but she always came back. Recently, she started coming closer and closer to me. Then, one night, after not being able to steal any food from the other cats as I would guard them and not let her get even one bite. She walked right up to me and started rubbing against my leg. I was completely shocked!

I leaned down to pet her and she seemed to melt. I feel bad that I chased her away but she has seemed to forgive me. Well, mostly. She's still pretty "wild" but as long as you move slowly and just scratch the top of her head she's fine.

Naturally, we've adopted each other and I've been feeding her. I've learned I have to feed her slowly, meaning no quick movements on my part. A few times I've let me hands linger after I've given Pickles her food. Bad mistake on my part as it's resulted in scratches! To be fair, I was moving her food to another place and she didn't like that one bit.

Now to feed her, I just distract her long enough to throw down her food! lol But it saves on the scratches on my arms so I don't mind. I couldn't decide where I wanted her eating place to be, but she pretty much picked one spot that she liked so that's where she eats.

She thinks that every time I come out the door that it's time for her to eat. She's quite demanding to be fed. One of these days, I'll get her on video so you can see what I mean.  She has this meow that she does, saying, "Feed me now, or I'll claw your eyes out!!" When that doesn't work, she'll throw herself at your feet and try to be all cute. If I accidentally step on her (which has happened a few times), she'll claw my legs. Nick says I need to teach her who's boss, but he's not the one with the claws! lol And most of the time I'm wearing a skirt so my ankles are bare.

She's still quite the bully cat though which is why I named her Pickles. Sometimes she's as sour as a dill pickle but she's trying to be nice.  She'll come around. I know she will. She's made so much progress already.

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