Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knitting dish cloths

So far, I've knit seven dish cloths. I've really come to enjoy using the pattern that I've picked. Grandma's Favorite Diagonal cloth. It's simple. I can knit it while watching a tv show and not have to worry about constantly looking at the pattern and taking out rows that I've messed up on.

I remember years ago before I could knit, my sister gave me a handful of hand knit dish cloths that one of her friend's mom had made. Along with some garter stitched headbands. Apparently, the friend was sick of the dish cloths since she was given them all the time so she passed them to my sister who then passed along some to me. I loved them! That's when I decided I wanted to learn to knit too and make more of them.

Then, when we moved to Missouri, I met a family who sold us some chickens (for eating) and she had asked me if I was interested in making her some dish cloths that she could give away to customers. At the time, I only knew how to crochet so I crocheted her some cloths. Oh, how I wished back then, I could knit. Crocheting dish cloths took me forever to make! I could only do a few rows before having to stretch out my hands.

When we moved to Kansas, I heard about a knitting club that met at the library. I was too shy to go at first, but I'd watch from a distance the ladies all gathered together. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me (especially when I found out we were moving again!) I finally got the nerve to go talk to the ladies. They were so nice and friendly and helpful. I learned to knit and purl and the rest was history! I'm so glad I learned to knit and really can't imagine my life without this great hobby. How ever did I survive before? What did I do with my time? I can't remember. ha! ha!

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