Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kind friends.

Yesterday I was stuck in town all day and could not get the mail, but I knew there was a box waiting for me since I called to see what I'd gotten.

So, today first thing as soon as they opened, I was waiting at the post office to pick up my package. I also received two letters from friends including some knitting patterns. The box contained some sock yarn that a friend of mine sent. Even though we've never met, I still call her a friend.

And such a kind one at that! She sent me a beautiful box of sock yarn. Lately, I've been in such a knitting slump which is so unlike me. I hardly have touched my knitting needles all week! My day started out feeling pretty lousy due to some emails I received, which got me very discouraged, but now things are starting to look up.

I can't wait to start knitting a pair of socks with this yarn. The hard part will be figuring out which pattern and which yarn to try first. I should probably go to the yarn store and get some size 1 needles first though. I've just been using size 2 but they aren't keeping their shape and someone told me it was because my needles were too large.

Then, again... I forgot about the book at the library called One skein sock wonders and all the beautiful things you can make with one ball of sock yarn... Hmmm... I might have to go check that book out again! lol

Thank you again, if you are reading this. You made my day! Thank you for your generosity and for thinking of me!

I will hopefully be posting up pictures soon of my new creations. More to come on the reviews of this yarn too.

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PurlingPenny said...

I'm so thrilled you consider me a friend.... hugs to you!

God is with me.

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