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Ballband dish cloth pics and more

I was trying to find a nice bright variegated yarn to make a dish cloth with and found one called Psychedelic. It did knit up differently than how I thought it would turn out but I liked the end result.

Front and back view shown.

It did take me quite a long time to make but the end result was worth it. The person I sent it to said she liked it. 
Most dish cloths I make are around 7 inches square and this one was almost 10! It was larger than I thought it would be, but before I did the last set it was shorter than I wanted it to be, so I couldn't really help the size it turned out.
I think I might make some more this weekend.
I've been working on the knitted hat for a friend and finally making some progress. After a couple hours of working on it last night, it finally measured an inch! If I hadn't messed up on EVERY round...
That was kind of disappointing, because I really wanted to get it done last night. But the main goal is to complete it before my yarn order comes in and sin…