Friday, January 13, 2012

How to crochet a flower

I got five of the hats done today and just have one more left to go. I'll take some photos of the hats tomorrow. On the last hat that I made I wanted to do a flower but wanted it to look a little different than the other ones.

So, here's what I did: I started out making the flower like on a blog I read, but then changed it a little.

I did the magic ring method, which I LOVE by the way!! If you don't know how to do it, learn. You'll be glad you did. Perhaps, I will try to do a video tutorial on the method. Anyways, after you do the magic ring method, chain 3 and put 11 double crochets in ring. Pull tight. Slip stitch to top of chain of chain 3.

Then, chain six, skip one space, and slip stitch in next double crochet. Repeat around finishing in base of original chain six.

Now, that you've got all the loops done, on the first chain loop, put a single crochet on loop, followed by 6 double crochets, then a single crochet. Move to the next loop. (don't slip stitch in between, just move on to the next loop. Go all the way around doing the same for each loop and when you get done slip stitch at the end. Leave a long tail for sewing on and you're done!

I used some Plymouth Encore for this hat as well, but it's not the same as the other colors. At first, I didn't like it as much. The colors are pastel instead of the rich colors of the other hats, but I do like how it turned out. I'm only wondering if I can find more of this pretty yarn!

I'm anxious to finish the last hat and hopefully my friend can come let the kids try the hats on soon. I'm going to be so disappointed if they don't fit, but there is no reason why they shouldn't. My gauge is what it should be and they look the right size.

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