Thursday, January 19, 2012

Acrylic vs cotton, dish cloths

I've talked before about acrylic dish cloths versus cotton but I was doing some research yesterday on tawashi patterns and one of the things I found was that with acrylic yarn, some people weren't using detergent to wash their dishes with! Now, I will always use some kind of detergent, but wondered why they said that. Not much was said on it, but something along the lines that the acrylic could cut the grease on the food without any soap being used. I have found that I don't need to use as much when I wash with acrylic dish cloths...

I know some people have trouble with their dish cloths going sour, and if that's the case, try using a larger needle. I've heard that if the dish cloth is having trouble drying then it gets that sour smell. I try to stay away from knitting super tight weaved dish cloths because of this.

The nice thing about using acrylic yarn is that your cost is low.

For the pattern to the "easy wash cloth" I've mentioned before click here. It's fun to make but I've found that it's hard to remember what row you're on. (at least it is for me) So, keep track. I always try to end with either 3 or 4 and start with 1 and 2. Or vice versa.

This weekend if I can find my size "J" hook, I plan to crochet up some hats, try some new tawashi patterns, and possibly knit some dish cloths. Oh, and learn to crochet a rose.

until next time!

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Molly Artman said...

If you rince out any type of washcloth with cold water and ring it till there's no soap left it will keep it from getting rancid. The soap gets trapped in the fibers causing bacteria to grow, which in turn makes it smell. My grandmother taught me to rinse any type of washcloth with cold water after use . It always smells linen fresh if you do! ;)

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