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Salve making part 2

**This is how to make plantain salve with fresh leaves.

Well, after I sat them in the car for a couple hours, I went to check on them. I intended to let them sit for about an hour and completely forgot about them until 4 hours later. They really wilted down but that's okay.

I used a Prego Spaghetti jar and put the plantain leaves in it.

Then I poured the olive oil in. My friend that gave me the oil just gave me enough to fit in a propel water bottle. So, I just poured it in. Had I had more oil, I would have put it to the top of the jar, but that's all I had. It at least covers the leaves.

I gave the jar a few shakes and set it on the counter. Every day for the next week I'll give it a shake. Then 6 weeks later, I will strain it out. Keep posted for the rest of the recipe!

Salve making- Part 1

Plantain salve is great for many things. I use it for applying to skin after getting bit by a mosquito. (or flea, or tick, or ant...) It takes the itch away and soothes my skin.

There are so many ways to make it but this is how I'm making it this time. (I have made it a quicker way in the past (if you want that recipe, email me), but I am choosing to do it the slower way this time around.)

First I pick the plantain. Wash it in a large bowl. Sort out the bad ones. Then, I lay them on a tray and dry in the car or some other warm place. After it's fully dry and wilted, (if it's not, I towel dry it) Then, I stuff it in a jar and fill it to the top with olive oil.

It doesn't matter how much plantain you have, if you don't have much, then just use a smaller jar.

I'm letting it steep in the oil for 6 weeks before I make the salve. You can leave it in oil form, but I'm making this for a friend who requested salve.

Check back for more progress pictures.

Here is wh…

Shopping, Saving money

For the past two weeks I have been shopping at the local grocery store and visiting a produce market stand for our food.

In the past, I was shopping exclusively at Walmart and bringing in ads to price match. I always felt bad about doing that because I wasn't giving the local stores the business that they deserved to have it on sale.

Not only that but it was a huge pain to drag around all the sales papers. It caused me a great deal of stress at the checkout lane. Instead of being able to watch as each item was scanned to make sure they did it right. (Every time I go into Walmart for groceries, they ALWAYS charge me wrong on something. EVERY TIME! I would spend hours (literally- just ask hubby), shopping, and writing down how much things were to add in my cart later. Then when they'd ring it up, I'd have the amount memorized so I'd know if they were charging me right or not.

It also brought along a few nasty stares from shoppers who were annoyed that I couldn't find…

Mary jane booties and Skidoos

I finally finished up all four sets of baby shoes/booties for my friends who are expecting. The only thing I need to do is go to the local yarn store and get some buttons to finish them off. I just hope they like them.

Any suggestions on the color of buttons I should use? Black or white? Sorry the picture is fuzzy.

The cream colored booty pattern can be bought here. It is such an easy pattern and if you need any help, she'll help you along the way.

The mary jane baby bootie pattern is found here for free. It was an easy pattern too. A bit challenging but fun to make.

Basket weave dish cloth

When I first started making a lot of knitted dishcloths, this is the one that was requested the most often. I was still learning to purl and I hated this pattern! lol Now that I've been knitting for almost two years, I enjoy this pattern. It's so pretty! Some friends of mine made a afghan and scarf using this pattern. It turned out so nice!

I like this pattern because it has a nice border.

Needle size 6-8.
Cast on 40 stitches


1-6 Knit across

7-12, 19-24, 31-36, 43-48 Knit 4, (Purl 4, Knit 4) 4x's, Knit 4

13-18, 25-30, 37-42, Knit 4, (Knit 4, Purl 4) 4x's, Knit 4

Repeat this until you have a square
Knit 6 more rows for border.
Bind off all stitches.

Grandma's Favorite Dish cloth with pictures

When I first learned to knit, it was with this pattern. In fact, I was given a dish cloth years ago and it was using it that I decided I wanted to learn to knit! There are so many variations of it but they are all pretty much the same. You start in one corner, work to the middle and then start decreasing. I once made a baby blanket using this pattern and some baby yarn.

It was a last minute baby shower gift idea and I knit it on larger needles  and just knit it across until it was the size I wanted it to be. I was aiming for a smaller sized baby blanket just the right size for baby to toddle around with as he got older. I mixed one blue yarn with one white and love the way it turned out but forgot to take a picture of it when I was done.  :-(  Super soft and stretchy! In fact, it was actually pretty heavy and I almost thought too heavy since I had to be careful not to let it hang on the needles and stretch it out. But all in all, I liked it and plan to make more later.

I like this pa…

Back to crafting again

I pretty much gave up on knitting and crocheting this summer, other than a few prayer shawls I made. I think I burnt out on it like everyone said I would! lol

But then talking to a friend of mine about some crochet patterns, peaked my interest again and I've been busy ever since.

I've got three friends having babies in the next month or two, so I've been trying to get the booties done for them. I realized that when I feel under pressure to get something done, I usually start an entirely new craft project. I'm not sure why!

I found a really neat pattern yesterday for a crocheted headband and flower. I loved it so much that I made one. And then another this morning. I'm out of yarn almost except what I'll have left after I finish the baby booties, so I promised myself that I would finish three half pairs of baby booties today before starting anything new.

So far so good, as I'm working on my first half pair. That's right, I completed three half pairs befo…

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

I've heard that Apple Cider Vinegar (acv) with the mother works to keep pests off animals. I bought some awhile back to drink mainly in the summertime as a Gatorade type drink. It works great when you're working outside to drink this concoction: 1 teaspoon acv mixed in 1 cup of water and a little honey for sweetener.

There are times I don't need the honey at all. Like my body just craves it without it. Other times, I can't stand the smell of the stuff and some sweetener helps it go down.

Anyways, this summer the mosquitoes and ticks and other undesirable critters have found their way to my skin and have been having a buffet on me. My legs are full of scabs and the itchiness is more than I can handle.

So, this morning, I decided to try the apple cider vinegar drink. I poured some acv in my cup and added some honey. I think a lot more than 1 teaspoon went in because it is quite tart and usually it tastes like water with a tiny bit of vinegar flavoring added in. Not that …

Embarassing Moment

This morning, I was using some DE (Diatomaceous Earth) around the camper and had it all over my hands when I remembered I had another container still in the car. So, I went to get it and realized I couldn't do much with the stuff caked all over my hands.

Without thinking and looking around me, I began clapping my hands wildly trying to get most of it off. That's when I looked up and saw a construction worker standing in the yard across from me wondering why I was giving him a round of applause!

I thought to try and shake off my hands more so he'd know I wasn't clapping at him, but I was so embarrassed I ran for the house!

How to make zucchini relish

This is my favorite zucchini relish recipe. My aunt taught me how to make it. It was one of the first things I learned to can many years ago. A favorite at our house!

You'll need a water bath canner and some sterilized jars. But before you get the canner all ready, first thing you'll need to do is chop up all your zucchini and other vegetables. You want about 10 cups of chopped vegetables. I always use what I have on hand. Sometimes I mix cucumbers with the zucchini or just use the zucchini. I like to add green and red bell peppers, onions, carrots for extra color. If you don't have the other vegetables, then just use about 8 cups of zucchini.

Chop all the vegetables up (whether by hand or food processor) I prefer to hand chop it all. Takes forever but I like the uniformity of the teeny tiny chunks like the store bought kind looks like. The most important step is to then soak it in a large bowl without about 1/4 cup of salt in it. This draws the moisture out of the veggies…

Ginger- my pet rabbit

I've been wanting a pet for some time now since we moved back to Missouri. I decided that I wanted a rabbit after taking care of the neighbor's rabbits whenever they'd go out of town. Picking clover, plantain, dandelion and more for their rabbits has proved itself a fun time. I love riding on the country roads on my bicycle looking and hunting for herbs. Now I get to feed Ginger my new pet bunny all those things too!

Ginger is almost 8 weeks old. She is about three times bigger than the neighbor's rabbits which I thought were the same age, but not sure.  I wonder why she is so much bigger... I was set on getting a brown rabbit so when I went to pick her up, I didn't think to pick out a particular one. She was the only brown female and she's what I got. And I'm very happy with her. She's very mellow and so cute!

When I go outside to talk to her, she comes to greet me and always has to tap me with her nose to say hello. When I move her cage around the yar…