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How to turn a dress into a skirt

I've been looking for a long jean skirt for some time now, but no one seems to carry them anymore. I visited numerous thrift stores as well hoping to find some but could not. A couple of years ago I found this great tutorial on how to turn a jumper into a skirt but now I can't seem to remember the blog addy. If you know of it, let me know. All I remember is that the jumper picture was upside down! lol

Anyways, I did manage to find a nice looking jean dress that I thought would make a nice skirt. And I was right!

Once I found the motivation to cut up the dress, the whole thing took me less than 20 minutes!

First, I cut the dress right where the bottom half started and laid it on the bed inside out.

Then I folded it up and if I had any pins that would have been great, but I did not. Lucky for me, it pretty much stayed where I folded it. I folded it up all the way around which is probably what helped it. (the seam, I mean)

Normally when I've bought elastic in the past, I buy …

Knitting a beret

So, my neighbor's daughter came over the other day and asked if I'd knit her a hat. Not just any hat but a beret. She is needing one for a school project. So, we looked online forever for a pattern and didn't find one that night but later the next day I found one here. I thought it was a sign since the girl's blog I found is named Hannah and the girl I'm knitting a beret for is also Hannah.  lol

So, I got out some scrap yarn and knit one up. It was good but too big, so then I grabbed some more yarn and knit it up a tad smaller by casting on only 72 instead of 84. It was the right size but had more of a point than what was wanted.

Just when I was fixing to give up, I noticed there was another beret pattern with an eyelet design. I had a feeling that the eyelet beret pattern would be more acceptable since it's so elegant looking and I was right. Hannah's mom loved it!

 By then, I had run out of my brown yarn and had some dark grey and burgundy leftover from a…

How to make golden puffs recipe

Sunday for lunch, I fixed Rosemary chicken. Which is cubed chicken sprinkled with rosemary, pepper, salt and italian seasoning. Cooked in a skillet until done. Served with some brown rice and some beets.

Later that day, I was craving something sweet, so I made some of these. I hadn't made them before but found them in my Betty Crocker cookbook. We both loved them, but ate way too many!

Golden Puffs- (original recipe makes 2 1/2 dozen)

This is the recipe cut in half. And now I know I should have cut it in half further, but wasn't sure how to half an egg.   :-)    It made plenty for us to eat warm with a few leftover, which tasted just as wonderful!

I also didn't have any nutmeg so I just substituted cinnamon instead. We love cinnamon!

1 cup flour
1/8 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/8 cup oil
3/8 cups milk
1 egg (original recipe called for one egg)

Beat ingredients and drop dough by the teaspoonfuls into hot oil until golden brown. Just do …

Rag Rug Fringe thought

I was at a flea market today and saw some crocheted rag rugs. I never thought about it before but they had some for sale there that had fringes on all the outer loops. It was really cute! I can't wait now to try and make one with fringe. I've seen the fringe before on the rectangle ones, but not on the round ones. I am planning on making another tutorial for a crocheted rag rug with more pictures on the actual crocheting part of the rug. I'm thinking of a round or oval one. I have so many things I want to make next but I can't decide what to do first!

Until next time!

Knitted Baby Bonnet

Awhile back I found the cutest baby bonnet pattern. I loved the way it looked so I made a bookmark of the page and thought that someday I'd try out the pattern which you can find here. I didn't give it too much thought but the few times I'd look briefly at it, I'd think to myself, "How in the world am I going to make this? It looks way too difficult for my knitting level."

But I'd find it every so often and think about it. I decided it was time to try making it. I knew if I got stuck I could ask someone, whether or not the owner of the pattern, the owner of the local yarn shop who is always answering my every knitting question of the day, or my friend whose house I knit at once a week.

So, I started it on Friday and I knitted it until I got stuck. Out went my emails of questions to J and the owner of the pattern. "What am I doing wrong?" I asked. They explained what they could but I was still stuck.

So, I ripped it out and tried to forget about …

Butterfly cloth and balloon animals

I got the dollhouse rugs finished last night and packed into an envelope ready to mail as soon as I find the address! I am really bad about losing people's addresses. What I need to do is invest in an address book and then not lose it!

I finished the purple butterfly dish cloth and mailed it out this morning.

I'm still working on the balloon animals. I thought it wouldn't take as long to make these but it's taking much longer. It's because I'm double stranding the yarn and it's tight and hard to get over the needles. But I wanted to use red and it wasn't the right type weight for the project. I knew if I used it single stranded that it would be see through and defeat its purpose!

I'm also in between working on the hat order. I am about almost done with it. Just an inch left before I have to decrease. I'm really hoping to have a matching beanie done by Monday. It's possible! :-)

Last night, I had planned to watch some television and play some Int…

Baby shower gifts and projects planned

Going through my yarn stash (and I must say I was glad at this point to have a stash) I found some blue variegated cotton yarn by Patons and knitted three baby sized wash cloths. Found a rubber ducky to go with it. Then I found some green teal colored yarn that I bought a few months ago. It was a thinner weight yarn so I decided to mix it up with some white orlon that I had gotten from a friend. She suggested a prayer shawl for it, but the yarn was not suitable alone for that purpose. Mixed with the green, it worked great! I only wish I had snapped a photo of it beforehand. Oh well. Not like I can't go visit the family and get my picture eventually. lol

I also finished the dollhouse rugs that I had been working on. They took no time at all! They are shown below. The scalloped ones are 3 1/2 inches in diameter and the round ones are 3 inches.

The rectangle one was a pattern I'd found online and made it just for fun as the customer requested round ones. It is hard to tell the size…