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Favorite baby bootie pattern ever!

A couple of nights ago when I started feeling better, I got on etsy and started looking for a baby bootie pattern. I have found so many free ones but after trying freebie patterns with not the greatest results, I decided it was time to buy a pattern.

And this is what I purchased.

What I appreciated about this etsy seller is that she has been creating knitting patterns for a long time. I wanted a pattern that was tested, tried and true. And that's exactly what I found in her pattern.

I always wanted something easy that did not require a lot of thinking. I was still feeling the effects of my sickness and didn't want something that was complicated. It's hard to know if what you are getting is truly "Easy" but this one was.

When I first saw the pattern, I thought it looked too hard but that's just me. I tend to give up way too quickly. Turns out, I just took out the needles and yarn and started knitting and before I knew it I had half a baby bootie completed.

And I …

Finished hats, next... Socks

Well, I finished the ten hats that I started in December. I sent four to my brother-in-law's family in Texas. I mailed it almost a week and a half ago and they still have not gotten the package. I really hope the snow and ice just slowed down the postal service and the package is not lost. I did remember to take pictures of their hats before I mailed them out. They aren't the best pictures though so I'm really really hoping that they still arrive to their destination. I am purposely not posting pictures of them yet until they arrive so the recipients will be surprised!

Then, I mailed three hats out to my niece and nephew and brother-in-law in Kansas. They should arrive in a few days. I also mailed out two hats to my husband's cousins in Colorado. These are the hats I forgot to take a picture of!

The last hat is due to be mailed out on Tuesday to my mother-in-law's son who is three.

I also made an ear flap hat to a friend of mine and for her grandson which I finish…

Looking for patterns

I've just spent the past three hours straight looking for a suitable baby hat and booties knit pattern. There are so many out there but none that appeal to me. Well, I guess I did find a few of them but I either don't have the right type of yarn or the right size needle.

I was hoping to find something that matched what I already own so I don't have to buy any supplies. Each pattern of course has to say that theirs is the best which is frustrating. I just want to know that it will fit the infant I am making it for. Perhaps I can ask one of my knitting friends for a tried and true pattern. One that they know will actually fit the recipient.

I had planned to get a lot of knitting done tonight but with all the searching I've been doing, I now have a bad headache.

I have one last hat to finish for my brother-in-law. I suppose I will start it tonight and finish it tomorrow. For all those waiting, your hats will be mailed out on Friday. Sorry for the delay! (they are not orders,…