Monday, December 19, 2011

Picture taking and sewing machines

I always seem to forget to take a picture of something before I give the item away. My "aunt" came over yesterday and I gave her the baby bootie/hat set I made for her friend. I meant to take a picture of it, but completely forgot!

Well, the pattern I used was the same as the ones I made for the bazaar this year, but still, I meant to snap a photo. When and if this camera ever goes bad, I think I want one of those tiny cameras that I can keep in my pocket or at least on a belt strap, and then I never have to worry about being without my camera!

I did not get the socks done this weekend. But I plan to work on it every day until it's done and then give it to my friend for a late present. I'm beginning to already make my "New Year's Resolutions" which I joked to myself that number 1 on the list is to actually follow them. (since I always make them but never ever ever follow them!) ha! ha! I'm quite the list maker though. Always having to make a list before I do anything. I wonder though how much of that is due to me avoiding what I don't want to do, so I first make a list. ha!

Remember the sewing machine I acquired earlier this year from my Aunt. The one that I probably forgot to take a picture of?  Well, for some reason I can't think of what model it is. I have the image of the machine clearly in my head. Well, I sewed off and on with it but had more trouble with it than I care to ever have with a machine. For the most part, it sat in storage. Then, Nick found me a Brother machine at a garage sale for $5. I was so hoping it would do its job but sadly no. It sits too in storage. I can't get it to work right. I even took it into the local quilt store and while it worked perfectly for her, (go figure!) as soon as I got it home, I had problems with it again.

I was convinced I needed to save up my money for the next 10 years to buy a new decent one. -Still doing that, but in the meantime, I've been wanting to sew N-O-W! lol

Well, the one that my aunt gave me, since I had so much trouble with it, I didn't want to keep it anymore. Even though I do love the old metal sewing machines versus the plastic ones. Well, yesterday my aunt came over with a sewing machine and hoped I could get it working for her. I had never seen one quite like it before.

It is a SewMor Precision DeLuxe 202 model. Made in Japan. I tried to find a manual on the Internet about it just so I'd know how to thread the thing, but no luck. This machine was for my aunt's friend who couldn't get it to work. Then, I remember the Singer I had that she had given me. So, I dug it out of storage and got it threaded up and guess what! It worked perfectly! What!?

Even though I like the old metal machines, at this point, I'm ready for a new plastic one. One that works every time I plug it in. So, I told my Aunt she could have the Singer one and give it to her friend. She seemed pleased with the idea and told me that she didn't need the SewMor so she left it with me.

So, now I've got this pretty blue sewing machine and still trying to find a way to get it to work. Once I do figure it out, I'll probably sell or give it away. I still have my eye on a new one. From Walmart. Yes, I know! I hate buying it from Walmart too, but at this point in time, I don't want to fork over $400 for a machine that I will use seasonally. I still imagine that I will knit and crochet way more than I sew.

I talked to a friend of mine when I was convinced that the Walmart model wouldn't be suitable enough for my needs and she reassured me that it would be fine. She's been using hers for several years now and uses her expensive Janome as backup. She likes its portability- which is one reason I wanted a non-metal one. I'd like to take it on trips and to sewing classes.

I'll post up some pictures of the SewMor later this week and also of the one I'm planning on getting with some Christmas/birthday money. I've got so many sewing project ideas in my head that I can't wait to begin the actual process of sewing them!

Until next time!

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