Sunday, December 4, 2011

Knitted dish cloth with ridges

I was bored today and instead of working one of my projects that has to be completed this month, I decided to tackle a completely new project. (which is what I usually do, when I'm stressed out!)

So, I grabbed a ball of dish cloth yarn and some size 7 needles and just had fun. I casted on 30 stitches and after either knitting or purling, wrote down what I did. Once I found out it made a pattern, I just repeated it over and over again until it was the size I wanted.

The back looks like garter stitch.

Here's the pattern:

Size 7 needles
Cast on 30 stitches (or however many you want)
Used sugar and cream 100% cotton yarn.

For every first stitch, I slipped it. (if the row was knit, I slipped it knitwise. If the row was purl, I slipped it purlwise.)

1- Knit across
2- Purl across
3- Knit across
4- Purl across
5-7 Knit across
8-Purl across
9-Knit across
10-Purl across
11-13-Knit across
14-Purl across
15-Knit across
16-Purl across
17-19 Knit across
20-Purl across
21-Knit across
22-Purl across
23-25 Knit across
26- Purl across
27- Knit across
28-Purl across
29-31 Knit across
32- Purl across
33- Knit across
34- Purl across
35-37 Knit across
38- Purl across
39-Knit across
40- Purl across
41-43 Knit across
44- Purl across
45- Knit across
46-Purl across
47- Bind off in knit.

Finished dish cloth approximately 7 inches square.

Let me know if I made any errors. I wrote it down after I did each row, but may have mistyped something.

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