Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to sew a crochet towel topper

Today I ripped out a crochet hat that I started a couple days ago. Instead of looking like a hat, it looked more like a triangle! It still fit like a hat but I wasn't happy with it.

Feeling very frustrated with myself since I also had to rip out the prayer shawl I started, (twice) I decided to work on a project that I knew I could do. I finished crocheting two granny squares today and took out the sewing machine to make these:

This way does require a sewing machine but it eliminates having to make a double flap to cover your stitches and uses a whole towel rather than one cut in half.

It took less than 30 minutes to sew both of them up. Almost twelve years ago, a dear friend of mine taught me how to crochet a granny square and sew these fun, fast and easy towel toppers. I've seen some made with just a crochet hook and no sewing machine required, but I always come back to making these.

To make them, you need some basic sewing skills, a kitchen towel and a granny square. If you don't know how to make a granny square, try this link.

I found when I made my granny square that each time I finished a round, I would chain 3 and then turn before making the double crochets.

You can make the granny square any size you want. I used a crochet hook "H" and made mine about 7 rounds. You can either pin and make pleats (I don't have any pins yet) or fold in half and put a basting stitch across the middle. It helps if you make two lines, but I usually just do one. Then pull the strings until it makes the folds like this:

You just want it to match the the length of the square, so adjust as necessary. The picture shows the back of the towel, but you want to be sure to sew the granny square to the top of the towel.

Then, with the basting stitch still in place, (to be sure it is right where you want it to be- believe me, it's easier to remove the stitches when you can see them!)

Sew down one time. Check to see if it's where you want it to be. Pin if necessary. Then, switch the stitching to regular stitches and sew down again. Back stitch the ends to secure:

Now all you have to do is sew the button on the inside as pictured. I usually have one side of the towel longer than the other so that becomes the front.

The buttonhole is on the opposite side. (the granny square hole is the buttonhole)

That's it! Wasn't that fun!?


Anonymous said...

WOW I have been making these towel toppers for a few years and I have to say I do like yours and will certainly give it a try. I usually cut my towels in half if they are not cheap towels and on the thick side. But for the cheaper towels this is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing. Linda

Rebecca said...

I have never seen them made this way- I like this so much better!


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