Thursday, November 3, 2011

Starting to freak out a little

I got an extra week to finish these baby hats and booties and now I'm wondering if I'll even get them done or not! I spent all morning and mid afternoon working on half of a baby bootie only to find out that I did something wrong and don't know what. The eyelet row is not working to thread the tie through. I don't want the ties to be something that baby's foot can get caught in and that is the only way it threads through evenly. So, scrapping that pattern and trying to find another! I found plenty of great sounding patterns that call for yarn I don't have! It's quite frustrating!!

I did finally finish the blue ribbed hat and just need a pair of booties to go with it. I also still need to make a pink set of booties as well as a yellow one. I guess I can get it all done by Tuesday if only I can find another suitable pattern. I'm not interested  right now in trying another hard pattern that I may or may not be able to figure out!

I will try to remember this time to take pictures of everything before they get sent out.

I did find a crochet pattern using the exact yarn on the Bernat website, but even though it's rated easy, I'm not sure I can figure it out. I still consider myself a newbie crocheter.

What is the most frustrating is that my hands and fingers keep snagging on the yarn!

On a happy note, I finished the white lacy baby bonnet that I found here. I remember when I first found the pattern and fell in love with it. It looked so difficult that I put it aside for later. But then I wanted to try it and though I spent more time taking out my first one, I have since made several and it's really not that hard of a pattern as long as you take it line by line. The only thing is that I realized I used the wrong sized needles for all the previous ones. The white one I finished last night was made correctly and turned out great! It looks so tiny but it is for a newborn and fits a small grapefruit. -was told that would correctly fit a newborn.

You know, I forgot about this pattern, and it turned out pretty cute and was fast. Only I had to sew up the toe part not the back part. I think I did something wrong. I also made a white set with this pattern. I had wanted to make four different types of baby booties but I'm getting desperate, so I think I'll just pick one of these and start knitting!!!

There are some really other cute things I want to make too but I won't even think about them until I finish the baby items!

Speaking of other things, when Nick walked in the house today he said it smelled like a country farmhouse! He was referring to my meatloaf that I had cooking in the crock pot. It has been cooking all day since 8 this morning and now it's starting to smell really good! It's one of my favorite recipes and will post it up tomorrow or later tonight. I just love my new crock pot!!

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