Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orange and blue hat picture

Well, remember the orange and blue ear flap hat I made the other day? I wasn't going to put ties on it mainly because I couldn't figure out how to attach them, but "J" wanted ties, so I got to thinking and figured it out.

I just snapped a picture of it in the car because I was in a hurry.

I asked "J" if I could take a picture of him wearing it and he agreed. I promised him his face wouldn't show though.

Okay, I'll admit it looks a bit crazy without a face showing but it's the hat I wanted to show you! lol

I never noticed before how much this kid likes wearing orange and blue! 

Remember the yarn I mentioned earlier, well,  I told "M" I'd make her a hat too. (his sister) and I gave her the color choices and she picked two from that bag of yarn I got. So, I started on it tonight. It's Vanna's Choice yarn and Red Heart simply soft and I'm not sure what to think of it so far.  The purple yarn is a category #4 but so far the hat is looking way too big! I won't know until I do more rows. There isn't a gauge to go by with this pattern since size doesn't matter that much, but oh well. Hopefully, it doesn't turn out too big. I'm also a bit concerned because it calls for a size 9 needle on the label and I'm using a size 8.

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