Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New thoughts on nylon net pot scrubbers

After someone commented on the post "How to make a pot scrubber" I got to thinking about what they asked and I realized I made a mistake. I had said that if you used 2 yards of material then your pot scrubber would be bigger than if you used just 1 yard. How could this be the way I was cutting it?

So, I emailed my friend who originally shared with me the pattern and asked her which way she was cutting it up. I assumed it was vertically. To my surprise she said horizontally. Which makes complete sense now. If I am using 2 yards of material, then the strips would be longer and thus the finished scrubbie would be larger.

So, I had an order for 2 black/red pot scrubbers and took the black netting and folded it to cut horizontally instead of my usual way. I was prepared to completely change my original pattern posted UNTIL I tried it!

And I decided it isn't worth it. I've made over 5 dozen pot scrubbers doing it the way I show in the post, and not in the way my friend does it. I like the way they turn out. So, I'm not going to change my ways.  I also think that the material feels different cut horizontally and that it feels more smooth less grippy, less scrubby. And, when I go to attach the strips together, they don't hold onto one another as well this "right" way.

So, I leave it up to you. If you want to try it this way, go ahead, but not for me! Not to mention that the strips were a lot shorter and my finished scrubbie was the size of a half dollar! So, if you want to cut it this way, try using 2 yards or more instead of one. Unless you want a doll size scrubbie!

Last thought, you could probably just snip off about a half inch to the sides instead of trying to get the scissors to go into the tube part. But that would waste a lot of the material...

It was in a big heap on the floor as I sorted through each piece finding which ones did not get cut in half. Never again! LOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the original way you showed us to how make these scrubbers. If something works, why fix it??

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