Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to finish your nylon net pot scrubber

A couple of you have asked how I finish out the pot scrubber, so I thought I'd try to show it in pictures below. Descriptions will be above each photo.

As you can see the hole is closing up. Not much left to go.

Hole is closed up now.

I take my loop and make it larger. and then

Poke my crochet hook from the other side, doesn't matter which hole you poke it through.

Poke it through the loop (that you made larger) grab the netting piece that is left and pull it through 

 to the other side.

Then take the little bit of the end piece that is left and weave in the end. That's it!

In case you missed the beginning tutorial on how to make a pot scrubber, go here.

Happy Crafting!


Nancy Dugas-Gilmore said...

Where is the beginning of this pattern? Thanks in advance.

thetreasuresofmyheart said...

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