Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hmong Sauce

Last night I made some Hmong sauce. I started to follow a recipe but wasn't happy with how it turned out. Mine did not look as runny as the picture did, so I changed some things and did this:

24 fresh Thai peppers
3-4 tsp. sugar
7 garlic cloves

Pounded in mortar and pestle until chopped finely. (I LOVE the mortar and pestle my mom gave me when she came to visit. It's large but not too big. It's deep so stuff doesn't splatter. It works great! Thank you, mom!!!)

Then, I added one bunch of cilantro, minus the stems. Well, I picked out the majority of them, though there are still a few left. I chopped it up first, then rolled over it with my herb cutter then added it to the pepper mixture. Also added one bunch of green onions. Was going to just use the white part but wanted more, so I added the whole thing. Washed and rinsed first of course.

Also added the juice of one lime and several dashes of fish sauce. Kept pounding it further until it was nice and juicy and chopped up.

I was only wishing I had something to eat it with last night. It smelled so very good! I did try a spoonful of it alone and boy was it good!!! It was very spicy!!! It kind of smelled like papaya salad which makes me crave it all the more!

So, I think I'll pick up some cucumbers and make some cucumber salad instead since no one around here sells green papaya. :-(

I was surprised that it only made one jelly jar size, and I have plenty of peppers leftover. So, I'm going to pick up some more cilantro and green onions this week and make a couple more batches.

I promised some friends this sauce so I divided it into thirds and can't wait for them to try it.

Ready to eat: 

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