Thursday, November 17, 2011

Face scrubbie turned dish cloth

I had some leftover facial scrubbies that did not sell at the local bazaar's and I set them in the bathroom for myself to use. Nothing like a mini soft wash cloth to scrub your face clean. I love it!

But tonight, I was doing the dishes and using my nylon pot scrubber. I pretty much have quit using cotton dish rags since I've been using the net scrubbers, but every once in awhile, I'll want to wipe up a spill on the counter. So, I took one of the new facial scrubbers which is about the same diameter of the pot scrubbers and used it to wash my dishes and wipe up the counter.

I loved it! Small enough to fit in my hand, yet big enough to do the job. I'm thinking about making up a bunch more and selling them as a set. I've still got my eye on re-opening my etsy store, but not ready yet.

I've been in the mood lately to knit some dish cloths even though I haven't even got the yarn yet. I've just got some color/theme ideas brewing in my head. I also want to try knitting with hemp yarn. I found a great shop on etsy and I've used her yarn before. Loved it!

I learned so much about hemp that I didn't know before. A nice place to read about it is here. Their hemp sounds nice too but when I get ready to order some, I'm going to order from Thoughtful gems. I've ordered from her before and I love her stuff!

Someday I'd love to knit up a couple sets of hemp wash cloths and dish cloths. But first, I've got to tie up a few loose ends and finish my other projects first!

until next time!

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