Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crocheted and knitted baby hats with booties

Pink baby set:

The knitted pink baby cap pattern is found here.
The mary jane style booties is found here.

Blue set:

The blue baby hat pattern is found here.
These quick, fast and easy baby booties pattern is found here. The original pattern calls for ties which I may still add. It is found on the Bernat's website, which you'll have to sign up for. It's free and allows access to FREE patterns. Worth it!

Yellow set:

The yellow beanie cap pattern is found here. Takes only 20 minutes!
The baby bootie pattern is found here.

White set:

I haven't decided yet which hat/bonnet goes with the set, but I'll just include them both and/or probably crochet up another pair of booties (like the blue ones) to go with one or the other. 
The crocheted beanie is the same pattern as the yellow one.

The knitted baby bonnet pattern is found here. Scroll down to view Little Shell Lace Baby bonnet. 
The baby bootie pattern can be found here.

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kids accessories said...

With winter here now, I have been doing some looking on the internet for baby hats. One of my favorite hats that I found was the knit baby hat.

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