Thursday, October 20, 2011

Water bottle cozy

I made my first water bottle cozy today.

Usually when I find a new pattern to try I look it all over first to make sure I know how to do all the instructions. With this water bottle cover pattern, I didn't. As soon as I saw the pattern, I grabbed my yarn and hook and started crocheting. I appreciated the easy to follow instructions and plenty of pictures!

It never occurred to me to look through the whole thing to make sure I could do it. I had a lot of trouble on the shell stitches especially Row 27, but after taking it out several times I finally figured out my mistake. I started it at about 5:30 in the morning and got it done after 8:30 am! I thought it would go a lot faster than it did. Oh well. The good thing is that all I have to do is make the drawstring and I am done! I am just trying to figure out how exactly to make it so that it can be worn with it by your side.

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