Friday, October 21, 2011

Pictures revealed

Here are the pictures I promised!

Pot scrubbers ready to ship out:

here is the small child hat I made last week on the size 11 needles.

 In case you want the pattern, here it is again. I recommend doing the rolled brim though to hide the seam. And on circular needles even better. I decided I hate sewing up side seams and will never ever ever ever do it if I can avoid it!! It's really hard to sew up a side seam when you've got color changes and trying to make them line up. I about pulled all my hair out on the Chicago cubs hat incident. I think I'm bald in one area now! lol

I'm really not happy with the seam sewn on this hat. What should I do? Rip it out and re-do it?

here are some other hats I've been making:

Sorry! I just realized the photo is a bit fuzzy!

made on my knitting loom with three strands of yarn that was given to me. I just need to make the pom pom. Do you see the tiny bit of yarn on the seat by the picture. That's what my floor looks like! Tiny pieces of yarn EVERYWHERE! It's no wonder Nick hasn't gotten on to me more about it. He's so patient and nice to me! I promised him this mess would be all cleaned up by November 12th!

This one I can't decide if I want a pom pom or not. It's more of a beanie style hat that fits right on the head of a newborn. Though it came out slightly bigger than the other one because I used two strands of yarn.

Is it just me or is this fuzzy too?

This pom pom seems almost too big but the one next to it seems almost too small. Might just leave it off altogether and add a flower. But I just don't know if it will have to be rolled up or not. Decisions. Decisions... Oh well, maybe I'll just wait and decide later.

I love these fall colors!

See, it's just slightly bigger than the other:

Here is the water bottle cozy as I was starting out.

If I hadn't gotten stuck on a couple rows it might not have taken me that long to make.

 I put a bottle of coffee creamer in it to make it stand up:

There are 8 more skeins of the bright orange at the yarn store waiting for me to buy! The local yarn store lady is so nice to order me this yarn since she has to order at least 10 balls of each color. I told her I'd try to buy more later so she doesn't get stuck with them. There is still some hot pink left from the last order she did for me. Just need to think of something to make with hot pink too! Any ideas?

I saw a cute hello kitty pink scarf and thought it was adorable. Perhaps a way in the future knitting project! 

Well, off to learn how to crochet a baby bootie set. Would like to get five sets done by Tuesday. HA! HA!!

And I have 3 mini socks to do today since I only made one yesterday. Gotta keep up! lol

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