Sunday, October 30, 2011


The chicken I cooked in the crock pot the other day was a huge hit in our family! It was delicious!! And I LOVE my new crock pot!! Now I know I can leave it alone when I'm gone all day and come home to a wonderful cooked (not burned) dinner!

This is the one I got. Only hubby bought it at Walmart for me. It was on rollback for $19.95 usually $24.88. I noticed on Amazon it had a horrible review. I disagree! I've always bought the rival crock pot and Hamilton beach brands and have had nothing but trouble with them. I love that the food in it did not boil away like with my other brands. I did not have to add any water to the chicken as I've done in the past resulting in a soggy watery chicken mess! No worries about it burning the chicken or the bottom of the pot. It did create its own juice and was the most wonderful chicken dinner ever! I even forgot to add the salt and it was still really flavorful.

The crock pot does get warm on the outside, but since it IS cooking my food, I expect it to get warm/hot!

Anyways, I took the leftover chicken today and cooked up this and added a can of rinsed and drained black beans to the pot. When it was done, I added some leftover shredded chicken breast to it and rolled it up in some homemade tortillas topped with sour cream. It turned out so yummy!

I don't often make homemade tortillas because I'm too busy, but from now on, I'm going to make an effort to make them. They are so wonderful and delicious! I had lost my tortilla recipe, so I got online and found this tasty one. I halved the recipe and we had leftovers. It made 9 for me.

I found that they even sell a cool homemade tortilla kit. Definitely on my wish list!

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Jen said...

the chicken recipe sounded yummy (I have really got to get another crockpot!)! Now you have me wanting to try to make homemade tortillas!

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