Friday, October 21, 2011


Meet Maia. She lives down the street. She seems to think she's the mascot of our town. I say this because she feels the need to be in everyone's yard! She always has to check out everything. She's curious and nosy. Oh, and a mooch too! So much that I call her Moochy Maia.

 Just about every time I'm in the kitchen cooking, if I just lightly scrape pan all I have to do is look out the window and she's sitting on our front steps of the camper. It doesn't matter where in town she is, she always comes running when she hears that clinking sound!

If you tell her to go home, she'll throw herself on the ground and start kicking her legs everywhere. I think she's having a temper tantrum. Yesterday I told her to go home and she started to, but then I heard a noise coming from the back near the bedroom and looked out the window to see this:

This is the view from outside the bedroom window. She just wanted a sun beam to lay in. So I let her stay.

But she's such a sweet dog. Always ready to protect everyone. When Nick and I go for our evening walks, she always walks us home. As if we don't know our way there! She makes sure we get to our house, before going back to hers.

She wasn't the only one that wanted a place to soak up the sun beams. I found Zucchini here:

The blanket you see is something I put together for him. I took the old rabbit cage and laid a piece of foam inside. Then took this old blanket and draped it over the cage for privacy. Later today we'll cover the rest of the camper up with plastic so that won't be seen. I wasn't sure whether or not he'd get in the cage, but he loves it! I'm glad he has a warm place to sleep when it's cold.

And this is Tinkerbell aka snowball:

She showed up as a skinny scrawny thing and we named her snowball. Had no idea that she lived three houses down as Tinkerbell. I have a feeling she has claimed ownership of several other neighbors since she's often seen sitting and hanging out at their houses as well! She has since fluffed out nicely and looks like a puffy snowball. She thinks she lives here now and steals all the food I put out for Zucchini. She's adorable though and just loves to be petted. We tried to shoo her away but she came back day after day, week after week, month after month.  I'm sure her owners think we are trying to steal their cat, but I assure you we are not! 

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