Thursday, September 1, 2011

Socks and bones

I decided after Ginger was taken, that I was going to get some knitting done. I wanted to learn how to knit one thing and knit it very well. And socks is what I picked. It's relaxing and much fun!

I finished my purple socks and started on one for my mom but ran into trouble so I ditched it and started on a pair for Nick instead. I figure by the time I get done with his, I'll be more ready to tackle one for someone else, cause if they don't fit Nick they'll be mine! lol

So far so good, though since I'm using a lighter color on his, it seems that every few inches, I notice a mistake, but not enough to take out. The problem I have with sock knitting is that I can't just take out one row. Not when I just turned the heel or started on the gusset. I have no idea how to do it, so I just end up ripping it all out from each stage that I'm on. Looking closer at other socks I've made, I see these same "holes" and realize they are no big deal.

I'll see about posting up a picture of these socks. Right now I am working on the gusset and after that the foot and then the toe and I'm done! I told Nick he'd have to wait until Christmas for his socks. Just kidding! He can have them when I'm done. I'll even see about making him another pair closer to his birthday. Shhh!!! (course he reads my blog so I guess he's read this by now. ha! ha!)

 The more I knit socks the easier it gets. It's just a matter of following the right steps. 

In between working on the socks, I got a huge bag of "red heart" type yarn. Which I generally dislike for afghans and other wearable things, but I bought this pattern awhile back and really wanted to try making it with yarn instead of jersey material. Four strands made it and it turned out good. I ended up giving it to a friend, who said she'd trade some homemade cinnamon rolls with me. (my idea! lol)

That made me think of other things I could barter for. Candy, cookies, (can you see I have a sweet tooth?) I love bartering!

I think I'll make another bone rug this weekend and use a different color combination. I'll post up pictures of it later.

I like the idea of using yarn instead of the t-shirt material. It lays better and I think turns out nicer.

And the sock picture almost done:

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