Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to knit a soap saver

Awhile back, I had fun with some double pointed needles and knitted up a soap saver.  These were knit in the round which made them go pretty quickly. The nicest thing is that I didn't have any seams to sew up. Not even for the bottom piece as I did the three needle bind off method for them. No worries about it splitting open!

To make the ones pictured above, I used size 4 dpn's and cast on 30 sts. 10 on each needle. I just knit a rib stitch for a couple of inches (however I felt like it at the time) and then switched to stockinette stitch until it was as long as I wanted it to be. I think those measured 4 inches. They stretch some when they get wet, so I didn't want them that much bigger than a bar of soap. Then, I just did the 3 needle bind off to finish. You could use any size needle you wanted, but at the time, that is the only size I had that would work with the cotton yarn I was using. They knit up fairly quickly, though not as fast as the crocheted ones which take me less than 10 minutes!

But for those not interested in using dpn's, I've made these patterns below, which just means you have to sew up the sides when done.  Before, I just whip stitched the sides but now I would use the mattress stitch and make it look nicer. In fact, on the second one, I just kept on going after the last row and went back up the pattern backwards to keep from having to sew the bottom piece together.

Want to try another pattern but don't know where to look. I'm done the research and here are a few extra patterns below. Enjoy!

Dropped Stitch Soap Saver

This is the first one I ever found but at the time was too much of a beginner to even look at the pattern twice! The owl is so adorable!

Several patterns in nice one place!

Chinese wave pattern

This one is knit in the round.

Made for a marine.

Happy Knitting!

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