Saturday, August 20, 2011

Purple striped socks

All I can say is, "WOW!"

I started this sock earlier this year and was planning on making a tube sock with it using this pattern.

But then I happened to measure the gauge on it and it was 7 sts per inch. So, I looked that up in my sock book and the CO was the same. 64 sts. So, I thought to myself, I ought to try and see if I can't make a regular pair of socks with it.

I was so anxious to get started on it that I didn't make the leg part very long. Not to mention that I don't care for knee high's. I just wanted the sock to come up about the same as I wear the store bought ones.

I started knitting it after watching the leader of the knitting club two weeks ago. She is the one with the yarn store. It really inspired me to give sock knitting another chance. In fact, weeks before, I tried to get rid of all my sock yarn and so glad I didn't find anyone interested in it. Cause now, I'm on a roll! lol

Anyways, I worked on it all last week here and there, and even messed up on one part and had to take it almost ALL OUT! Somehow I managed to figure out my mistake and just had to start over on the heel part.

Well, tonight, I decided it was time to finish it. I have to admit it looked a little strange because the cuff/leg was so short, but after putting it on. "Ahhhhh!" It feels wonderful! Now I just need to make the other half. I can't believe how comfy and warm and soft these socks are! Well, I should just say sock because I haven't made the other half yet but they are getting started first thing tomorrow!

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