Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ginger- where are you?

Ginger my rabbit that I got last month is gone. We came home from grocery shopping to find her cage empty. The door was still latched too. My guess is that someone took her. But why? Who would be that cruel? Was it because she looked like a wild rabbit? Did they think I was keeping a wild animal in a cage  and let her go? Or did they want her as a pet?

I'll never know what happened to her.

She was such a good rabbit. She was content and mellow. Loved to eat her dandelion and wild lettuce greens that I picked every morning, noon and night for her. I'd pick her some all day long when I could.

She was good company. Only with us a month, but it feels like I've had her for years.

She loved her daily chunk of ice. When the weather got too hot, I'd get her a chunk of ice out of the freezer and she'd throw herself on top of it or use it for a pillow. Lately, she thought whenever I'd pass by her cage, that I HAD to give her something, a piece of apple, banana or a dandelion green.

Something I really liked about her is that she always knew when to say enough. If I gave her a handful of carrots she'd only eat what she wanted. She never ate too much. One time, she was happily munching on some dandelion leaves that I had given her and I stuck a wild dock leaf in at the same time of her eating the dandelion leaves and you could tell she knew in her mouth there was something different. She never did care much for dock after I tricked her into eating that one! But she'd always try new things at least once.

I stuffed a toilet paper tube full of hay for her and she loved chewing on an apple stick that I got at Orschlen's for her. She was so cute to watch eat, especially grapes. You'd see her licking her lips as she'd bite into the juicy fruit and try to contain all its juiciness.

One day I went to check on her, and found her toilet tube stuffed with hay sitting in her feeder. Like she was saving it for later. I don't know if she stuck it there on purpose or if she flipped it and it flew in there, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Keeping cool with the ice

She loved her daily allowance of hay-

She was so gentle. I never worried about her biting me. She would have been great around children.

Laying with her ice chunk

Here are two videos of her  eating a grape.

Rest in peace, Ginger.

Someday, I'll get another rabbit, but she'll always hold a special place in my heart.

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