Friday, August 26, 2011

Crocheting a pot scrubber with yarn

I've heard of a few people mixing yarn with netting so I wanted to try it and see what I thought. I crocheted a round pot scrubber with netting and cotton yarn and also knit a square scrubber with cotton and netting. I used my size 13 knitting needles and only knit a tiny square. The yarn was so hard to pull through the needles that I gave up. I did find that when I crocheted it, I would put the yarn on the inside of the netting and enclose it. But when I knit with it, I left the yarn on the outside. Well, I gave both scrubbers to a friend of mine to try out.

She said she liked the knit square one best. The reason she hated the round one is that she felt she couldn't get it rinsed enough. And that the yarn felt greasy. Now, keep in mind, she loves the round regular ones without the yarn mixed in. She said the flat knit one worked great. Unfortunately, I don't plan to ever knit another! It made my hands hurt too much.

Updated- February 27th, 2014-
I have since tried making a crocheted pot scrubber with red heart yarn mixed with netting and found that acrylic yarn works much better than cotton.

This is a great way to destash my red heart yarn which I found I can use in small quantities without having an allergic reaction to.

To make the purple one shown, I chained 12 sts, and single crocheted in second chain from hook. When I got to the end, I chained one, turned and repeated the pattern. Picture shows scrubber halfway completed. It measures 5 inch square.

It scrubs nicely, doesn't get greasy, washes and rinses up nicely. I think for any future ones, I will make them magic square styled.

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