Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salve making- Part 1

Plantain salve is great for many things. I use it for applying to skin after getting bit by a mosquito. (or flea, or tick, or ant...) It takes the itch away and soothes my skin.

There are so many ways to make it but this is how I'm making it this time. (I have made it a quicker way in the past (if you want that recipe, email me), but I am choosing to do it the slower way this time around.)

First I pick the plantain. Wash it in a large bowl. Sort out the bad ones. Then, I lay them on a tray and dry in the car or some other warm place. After it's fully dry and wilted, (if it's not, I towel dry it) Then, I stuff it in a jar and fill it to the top with olive oil.

It doesn't matter how much plantain you have, if you don't have much, then just use a smaller jar.

I'm letting it steep in the oil for 6 weeks before I make the salve. You can leave it in oil form, but I'm making this for a friend who requested salve.

Check back for more progress pictures.

Here is what it looks like now.

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