Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salve making part 2

**This is how to make plantain salve with fresh leaves.

Well, after I sat them in the car for a couple hours, I went to check on them. I intended to let them sit for about an hour and completely forgot about them until 4 hours later. They really wilted down but that's okay.

I used a Prego Spaghetti jar and put the plantain leaves in it.

Then I poured the olive oil in. My friend that gave me the oil just gave me enough to fit in a propel water bottle. So, I just poured it in. Had I had more oil, I would have put it to the top of the jar, but that's all I had. It at least covers the leaves.

I gave the jar a few shakes and set it on the counter. Every day for the next week I'll give it a shake. Then 6 weeks later, I will strain it out. Keep posted for the rest of the recipe!

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