Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ginger- my pet rabbit

I've been wanting a pet for some time now since we moved back to Missouri. I decided that I wanted a rabbit after taking care of the neighbor's rabbits whenever they'd go out of town. Picking clover, plantain, dandelion and more for their rabbits has proved itself a fun time. I love riding on the country roads on my bicycle looking and hunting for herbs. Now I get to feed Ginger my new pet bunny all those things too!

Ginger is almost 8 weeks old. She is about three times bigger than the neighbor's rabbits which I thought were the same age, but not sure.  I wonder why she is so much bigger... I was set on getting a brown rabbit so when I went to pick her up, I didn't think to pick out a particular one. She was the only brown female and she's what I got. And I'm very happy with her. She's very mellow and so cute!

When I go outside to talk to her, she comes to greet me and always has to tap me with her nose to say hello. When I move her cage around the yard, she has to tap her nose on all the things in her cage to make sure they are still there. (I guess, that's why she does that) Maybe she thinks that since her surroundings change her stuff might too.

She has a little wooden toy in her cage that once held a dried apple. She'll pick it up time to time and throw it in her cage. Books I've read said that rabbits can get bored, but not her. She will scamper about in her cage and nibble on the grass that sticks between the cage holes.

I'm very thankful for Ginger.

Ginger loves to receive a block of ice when the weather is hot. She'll mostly lay on top of it while she chews on the sides.

Today we got her a package of timothy hay which the books recommended. She loves it and started eating it up right away!

Zuchinni the neighbor's cat thought the rug on top of Ginger's cage made a nice bed.

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