Basket weave dish cloth

When I first started making a lot of knitted dishcloths, this is the one that was requested the most often. I was still learning to purl and I hated this pattern! lol Now that I've been knitting for almost two years, I enjoy this pattern. It's so pretty! Some friends of mine made a afghan and scarf using this pattern. It turned out so nice!

I like this pattern because it has a nice border.

Needle size 6-8.
Cast on 40 stitches


1-6 Knit across

7-12, 19-24, 31-36, 43-48 Knit 4, (Purl 4, Knit 4) 4x's, Knit 4

13-18, 25-30, 37-42, Knit 4, (Knit 4, Purl 4) 4x's, Knit 4

Repeat this until you have a square
Knit 6 more rows for border.
Bind off all stitches.


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