Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to crafting again

I pretty much gave up on knitting and crocheting this summer, other than a few prayer shawls I made. I think I burnt out on it like everyone said I would! lol

But then talking to a friend of mine about some crochet patterns, peaked my interest again and I've been busy ever since.

I've got three friends having babies in the next month or two, so I've been trying to get the booties done for them. I realized that when I feel under pressure to get something done, I usually start an entirely new craft project. I'm not sure why!

I found a really neat pattern yesterday for a crocheted headband and flower. I loved it so much that I made one. And then another this morning. I'm out of yarn almost except what I'll have left after I finish the baby booties, so I promised myself that I would finish three half pairs of baby booties today before starting anything new.

So far so good, as I'm working on my first half pair. That's right, I completed three half pairs before school got out and haven't touched them since.

I'm even more motivated than ever to get them done because of another pattern I found on the crocheted headband website. And, there is a new pattern here for a cabled beret pattern. All her patterns have been so easy to make so far and I get so many compliments on them. I just need to learn how to do cables. (another thing to do)

So for today, I will finish the baby booties and get them mailed out before starting anything new.

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