Friday, April 29, 2011

How to turn a dress into a skirt

I've been looking for a long jean skirt for some time now, but no one seems to carry them anymore. I visited numerous thrift stores as well hoping to find some but could not. A couple of years ago I found this great tutorial on how to turn a jumper into a skirt but now I can't seem to remember the blog addy. If you know of it, let me know. All I remember is that the jumper picture was upside down! lol

Anyways, I did manage to find a nice looking jean dress that I thought would make a nice skirt. And I was right!

Once I found the motivation to cut up the dress, the whole thing took me less than 20 minutes!

First, I cut the dress right where the bottom half started and laid it on the bed inside out.

Then I folded it up and if I had any pins that would have been great, but I did not. Lucky for me, it pretty much stayed where I folded it. I folded it up all the way around which is probably what helped it. (the seam, I mean)

Normally when I've bought elastic in the past, I buy the narrow kind and it always manages to get all twisted inside the casing, so this time I bought the wider style. It was  $.97 at Walmart and said on the package (non-roll) The elastic is slightly bit narrower than the part that is folded up.

Then right before I sewed along the cut edge, I folded it under about 1/8 inch. If you're careful, when you're sewing it, it will catch the frayed part and will be sewed over it. I didn't. and I had to sew it twice. I didn't figure I'd take the first part out since my shirt always covers the top anyway. I didn't sew it completely closed, obviously so the elastic has someplace to go.

Then, I put a safety pin on both ends of my elastic pieces. The package of elastic was almost the size of my waist but I just stretched the elastic where I wanted it. (I don't like things too tight) and made a mark where I would cut later. Then, I just slid the elastic through the opening and the reason I put a safety pin on the other side was so that I wouldn't lose the other half. I went all the way around it and when it came out the other end, I just sewed it back and forth on the machine. (At this point, I was so excited to get it done this quick, that I forgot about taking pictures. LOL)

After the elastic was sewn in place, (and by the way, the non-roll elastic was totally worth it! The skirt has a nice gathered look to it as well. Then, I just sewed up the hole.

And that's all! A finished skirt.

It was so easy!

Update! I found the blog I was referring to at the beginning of this post!! I had the page saved as a pdf and found it recently. Yay!

here it is.

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